Thursday, September 28, 2006

Woman Arrested For Refusing To Play Along With Eminent Domain

"You do not own "your property". It belongs to the state. And whenever the state decides it wants to, it can take your property from you, and give it to whomever it wishes, for whatever reason, or no reason at all. A friend of mine, Lauren Canario, was just arrested for failing to scede her home to the government."

This is the wrong article to talk about this. This particular digg is a non-story (unless you follow the original owners and why they vacated). You should look into the Clara Halper story in NJ. Google it, and you will be amazed. The NJ courts took away this home and land they had for 80 years. They (the government) are going to use it as a "preserve". Unfortunately, they will re-develop it in a few years into casinos and hotels, etc. The Halper's will get nothing, because once it is owned by the state, private lobby groups can request re-development plans.

"The family and township officials have been in a dispute since the fall of 1999 over the 75-acre farm that the township seized under eminent-domain laws to be used as open-space preservation. The family has owned the farm for more than 80 years."


Despotism in New London
By George F. Will
Sunday, September 19, 2004; Page B07

"That city, like many cities, needs more revenue. To enhance the Pfizer pharmaceutical company's $270 million research facility, it empowered a private entity, the New London Development Corp., to exercise the power of eminent domain to condemn most of the Fort Trumbull neighborhood along the Thames River."

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