Thursday, September 28, 2006

Harman to Negroponte: Release the Iraq Intel Report Before November

"Think Progress has the text of the letter, which blasts the administration for claiming it can't release the report until after the elections."

I kind of agree with @Dewhead Something very critical like the NIE should be government read only (intel departments, oversight, whitehouse, etc) at first, however as with any material is should be subject to public scrutiny at some point. I feel that even the most valuable intelligence should be released at some point. Pick a point in the future of which all relevant people have read the report and had time to digest the data. Then do the standard redactions for super-classified stuff like if people's lives (agents, etc) are affected.

However, the whole political thing should not be considered. If we are so petty as a people, then it is our own downfall. Let the cards fall where they may, but we should be able to see the report at some point.

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