Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why Will Bush Nuke Iran? Because the Fanatics Have Control

"The neoconservative Bush administration will attack Iran with tactical nuclear weapons, because it is the only way the neocons believe they can rescue their goal of US (and Israeli) hegemony in the Middle East. The US has lost the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Generals in both war theaters are stating their need for more troops."

The situation out there is so accurately published by Newsweek magazine themselves. They publish a bug article on the lost war in Afghanistan in all three international editions, but for the United States they publish some fluff piece on celebrity babies.

People, these are the state of things here. The American people are getting misled big time by the media outlets. Even Newsweek is not choosing to show real events to the American people. This is sad.

As an American, I am smart enough to understand the problems with war, and even the reason to go to war. I just want to be told enough of the truth to make good decisions. I want to support our troops and I want to support our government. However, when you get lied to all the time, and get fake reporting, and Vietnam-style war cover-up, it gets a little too much.

I agree there are National security reasons for many things, but not as much as we are being told now. The current administration has by far used National Security for a wide-sweeping amount of information which is not needed.

When I can use the Internet to totally circumvent the US Media outlets and US government propaganda, you get a totally different view of the world.

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