Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ahmadinejad: Man of "Peace"

"Reform...justice...peace...virtue...dignity...brotherhood...the Prophet Moses...the Prophet Jesus...the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). A softer, gentler Ahmadinejad. One can only imagine how the Tehran focus groups responded to early drafts."

There are lots of viewpoints, and information out in the world. If I were you all, try and sit back and read a little more about the world in which we live. You will find that the United States has systematically altered the world governments for its own purposes. I am not saying it was all bad, I am just saying it is a fact. Take a look at Google and look up "operation ajax", in which we overthrew the democratically elected leader. Come on, there are several more examples of the US led by the CIA which overthrows governments. It is usually because we want a military presence there, or in the case of Iran, we wanted to get control of the oil fields back.

Its not about nukes, its about oil, it always has been, and it always will be. The other lovely thing which the fall of Iran gave us, was the modern insurgency of the Islamic Radicals. They are not "fascist" as they hold no corporate ties. They are terrorist radicals trained by the intelligence agencies like the ISI in Afghanistan, the CIA and others. Of course now that we have decided to attach their homeland, of course they are going to fight back, wouldn't you?

If we really wanted to catch those responsible for 9-11, all we had to do was open an investigation a week after the attacks, attack the groups in Pakistan and some limited groups in Afghanistan. There may have even been some people in Iraq, but to invade and decimate the entire country, I don't think so. No good can come of this. What we needed was small insurgency teams, comprised of our best warriors. We should have immediately stopped supporting the ISI and Pakistan governments, the Taliban, and created sanctions until they coughed up all the Al-Queda members.

We should have listened to John Oneill's report, instead of sweeping it under the carpet. How about Sibel Edmonds, and the other whistle blowers. Everyone complains that nobody from government ever comes forward out of a conspiracy, then point yourself towards and read it.

Further, how can you discount the numerous publications from fascist organizations like the PNAC? They clearly lay out how America needs to dominate the world. The only problem was that the American people would be slow to change unless there was some catalyzing event like a "New Pearl Harbor". Wow, and then a year later it happened. There are more documents being found which explains our foreign policy and how our last couple administrations were trying hard to invade Iraq and Iran to destabilize the region.

One last point, read "Gulliver's Trevails" which outlines Nationalism and Globalization. This is off the Air Force website people. I guess Arundhati Roy wasn't that far off with her speech "Come September" now was she?

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