Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bush Administration using US Immigration/Visa to Silence Scholars

"The U.S. government has rejected a prominent Muslim scholar's application to enter the country on the grounds that he donated several hundred dollars to French and Swiss groups that provide humanitarian aid to Palestinians, a civil rights group announced Monday."

What exactly are "un-American" views?

1. Do you feel anxious when people criticize or dissent against the United States? Because it is actually the duty of American citizens to make sure its government keeps on track.

2. Do you feel that free speech, and expression should be limited? Perhaps into free-speech zones, or in private? Being American is to fight to the death in protecting someones freedom of speech which you are violently opposed to.

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As a country we need to be vigilant and stop this mamby-pamby attitude. We need to take the hard line and tell our government they need to get their act together, or they are through. By invoking the right of revolution, we can vote all these people out and vote in new people. Use our right, and declare term limits on all incumbents.

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