Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pre-edit clips of ABC's "Path to 9/11"

"Much controversy surrounds ABC's drama, "the Path to 9/11" - representatives from the Clinton administration have threatened legal action, Democrats in Congress are crying foul. See the clips in question - from a pre-edit version of the film scheduled to air tomorrow."

@PAeZ I will give you my impression of Fahrenheit 9-11. I think the movie had a lot of good facts in it. I also think the movie had a lot of Michael Moore non-sense editing, sound clips, and un-necessary sound bytes. If you digest only the facts which were researched, and leave alone all of Michael Moore's Bush bashing you will find some good information. For instance the parts about James Bath, the CIA, the Carlyle Group, Bush Jr. Military records, Arbusto Energy, etc.

Just because Michael Moore made a film, does not discount the actual facts and information presented. You must read between those fluff parts. President Bush does have connections to the Bin Laden Construction Company, Salem Bin Laden, Carlye Group, and has CIA connections through his dad. The current cabal in power has tremendously deep ties to our Corporate slave state, and the power lobby elite. Google "Rumsfeld+G.d. searle" crazy stuff about Aspartame. Google "Rumsfeld+Gilead Research" more crazy stuff. Then of course the information about Halliburton and Cheney are legion.

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