Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Does fighting your traffic ticket cause public safety Issues?

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Sean Ackley

"Officer Johnson and other police officials say that people fighting traffic tickets are causing a public safety issue".

"Officers have to drive all the way to Fremont now, taking them off the road"

So what do these "officials" expect to do now?   Are they to assume the police will give us tickets with impunity and expect us to pay whatever they want?   Is this now a guilty until proven innocent state?  This is the essence of tyranny.

It just hurts seeing all these cops having to take their precious time away from giving fellow travelers, traffic tickets.   Perhaps they should be really concentrating on why the cities are out of money and why they are being forced to clamp down on mandatory ticket quotas and harass the public.

Take a look at the Compreshensive Financial Reports.   These off-books investments by government is how they fund all their lavishness.

The Rio+20 sustainability event is going to change the way we live in cities and interact with our government.   Your government would like nothing more than to herd you around like slaves, give you tickets with no accountability and control every aspect of your life.

I personally had a run-in with Santa Clara, CA law enforcement who gave me a ticket for not having current registration.   I wasn't doing anything dangerous in my car, nor was I creating a moving violation, all I had was expired plates.  Keep in mind this is a city cop, giving me a ticket for something that should be taken care of through the California government.   This Santa Clara cop had no beef with me personally, but he has been told that handing out registration violations gathers money for the city.   It certainly has.   My registration was in fact expired, I was currently having an issue with the RFID FastTrak "authority" in which a credit card didnt get processed properly.   This spawned a whole range of issues, including my Santa Clara violation being taken to the CA Tax "authority".

Since I didnt respond fast enough, the FastTrak was then escalated into a lot of money, and I had to go down to their facility and work out a payment for the amount, before I could take care of the DMV registration.   During this time Santa Clara escalated my collection to the California Tax "authority" and they informed the DMV, thus putting a hold on my license.    This then turned into a license suspension, not allowing me to drive.   Getting to work is difficult in this way.

So my whole ordeal over a $25 registration violation turned into over a $800 nightmare.   The problem here is that unless I cause an infraction or violation AGAINST the city itself, why do they care about my expired California plates?  Perhaps a CA highway patrol should have taken notice.   This is a true travesty of justice, because in this country our constitution says we are protected from unfair fines.

A note to police.   Remember that your pensions are on the line too.   You need to consider carefully who you work for, and why you are in this job.  Is it because you want to help people, or is it because you just came back from 4+ tours of duty and controlling and "handling" people is all you know?

If you want to go down the rabbit hole on Agenda-21, please take a look at this following news reports which explains how sustainability will affect your life.

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