Saturday, January 06, 2007

ISLAMIC TV SHOW: How to properly beat your wife...

"Here is a actual TV show in Islam telling you how to properly beat your Islamic wife!"

Why is @punkrockxtian getting dugg down? The purpose of this tv clip is to show the absurdity of "beating" your wife. He clearly says that a woman is NOT the merchandise of the man. Islam is also not the problem here, it is completely a middle-eastern culture which has proven to keep women in a lower class status than men.

If you can't remember your history women couldn't vote here in the USA, and up until the early 70's women were considered to be running the house and mostly serving their husbands when they come home.

We all need to grow up and put aside this insane desire to keep bashing Islam, the Middle East, other religions, and especially other cultures without fully understanding them. As Americans we are supposed to be the shining light among nations. We are supposed to be the democratic example for the world. Lets ask ourselves if that is happening today or not.

If the Middle East is a little far behind us as far as women's rights go, then lets keep on supporting them and being their friends. That goes a lot way towards establishing long-term trust. If we decide to pressure them into moving into the current century then we may have to face a decision of ending our relationship with them. Does this give us the freedom to make war with their country, blast them to bits, and steal their oil? Absolutely not.

We are left with government propaganda stating that Islam is bad. We have news story after news story about how evil the Islamic people are, and how they want to hurt us. If we are to be afraid of anyone its the government. Terrorists by definition have a political agenda in mind when making you believe you are under attack. In some cases terrorists do attack, like car bombs, or bus bombs, etc. If you notice our press, only attacks involving Muslims gets reported. Then we have the FBI staged events like the Florida 7, or the MI-5 London "liquid bomb" scare, or even the London 7-7 bombings which have a lot of questions unanswered at this point.

Don't fall for terror angle. You are more likely to get killed on a plane, killed by police, or have an allergic reaction to peanuts than by a terrorist act. Lets live our lives people, and NOT allow terrorism to affect our lives. Tell your representatives and Congress to stop passing bills to make a police state. Stop giving our government the ability to control our lives to the micro-managed degree. Stop the American Union ( Stop bowing to the UN council. Stop the integration with Mexico and Canada, we are sovereign nations and our borders should stay secure by ourselves.

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