Monday, December 10, 2007

RE: Flu shots

Our pediatrician does not recommend Thimerosal based vaccines. He does give us options, and suggests waiting between shots. The other important thing we found out is that kids should be really healthy when getting any vaccination, and not have like colds or be “under the weather” of any sort. This gives them better chances on bouncing back from the vaccine itself. Jake for instance has allergies, including peanuts, which gives him a disadvantage to certain medicines as we have found out.

Even though there is conflicting information, most of it is coming from the government and the big pharma industries. I keep asking people if they believe big pharma is looking out for the safety of the kids or for profits? The CDC and FDA are simply wanting to stem the tide of millions of families if in fact bad information is revealed like in the case of Merck Viox, or the Bayer Hemophiliac disaster.

We are being cautious none-the-less.