Monday, November 27, 2006

MSNBC, NBC News To Use The Phrase 'Civil War' To Describe Iraq

"MSNBC and NBC News have decided to begin referring to the civil war raging in Iraq as a 'civil war,' despite White House objections. ThinkProgress has the video."

@Matrix Prime has it right. We go in under false pretenses, and lying to the American People. (facts are too numerous to list here) We basically create civil unrest using P2OG doctrines and add to the already tension filled atmosphere. (lets remember that these people have been fighting for centuries) A full-on civil war ensues, and we don't take responsibility for it. Instead we stick our heads in the sand and "stay the course".

What America needs to do, or perhaps the White House (as the leaders), is to fess-up and come clean to the American People. We are paying the bills for goodness sakes. We made a horrible mistake (and keep making them I might add) so we need get ourselves out of there and hope that history will be kind on this administration's tenure.

American foreign policy needs to get a complete face lift, and corporate lobby needs to be removed from Washington. Unfortunately, our large corporate lobby groups are ONLY in Washington to make money, and they don't care a split pea about anything else. Which is strange, because a lot of these lobbyists are American citizens also. We are just screwing the whole system when we lie and work off a sole profit motive for war.

If you work at the following companies, please investigate your own company and find out what they do. You may be really surprised. [The Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Raytheon, CACI, Titan, Bechtel , Aegis, General Dynamics, MITRE, Chevron, Dutch Royal Shell, Exxon and Blackwater]. There are many more. is only one of many movies talking about this stuff.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Police kill groom leaving bachelor party, give no reason for slaying

"Police haven't given a reason why they shot three men leaving a strip club attending a bachelor party. The men were unarmed and employees of the strip club said the men were well behaved. Reports say 4 shots were fired initially and then another 12 shots followed. One of the other victims is in critical condition, the other is listed as stable."

They were UNMARKED. The only reason the cars got rammed is because they probably blocked the escape of the vehicle with the four guys in it. If this were me, I would have thought I was being carjacked or worse. The cops should have taken our their flashing lights and put them up on the top of the car. Somebody should have yelled "police" or something. No shooting should have occurred.

I find nothing wrong with the police getting behind the vehicles and drawing weapons. They should have protected themselves, yelled to the guys in the car and waited for them to surrender. If they didn't, then there would have been a car chase through NY city, which is what radios are for.

It seems to me that in all the stories I read. cops are taking the "lets make provocative actions first" approach and then see what happens. This is a military style operation in where you create a situation and make the enemy fall for it in order to wipe them out.

People, this isn't some war field. Our cops need to stay cops, and our military needs to stay military, the two should not meet. Things will lead to very bad consequences if the two start using each others domain.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NPR Obtains U.S. Military Tapes - First Glimpse of Secret Gitmo Tribunals

"Audio recordings obtained by NPR provide the outside world with its first window into the secret world of military tribunals at the U.S. prison camp for terrorism. Lawyers for six of the detainees obtained the tapes of their tribunals under the Freedom of Information Act and provided NPR with copies of the recordings."

Heh, @pabster we stay here because this is out country. My family has lived here for at least 6 generations with various parts immigrating from other countries. This is America, you are supposed to fight for it, and keep it free.

The notion of "What makes a good American" seems to be fleeting for a lot of people, perhaps even yourself. If you question the government, ride their ass on all the asinine issues they pass as law, make them EXPLAIN why they do things, and make it totally unacceptable for them to make laws and do government business in secret, then you are upholding the Constitution and making our founding fathers proud.

Those citizens who don't question government, who just simply allow them to do whatever they want, don't vote and do research, and who allow governments to go through time un-checked and believe they are doing the best they can, are delusional and will eventually get dictatorship and tyranny.

You can only have it one way or another. Either the people run the government, or the government runs you, that's it.

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U.S. to require passports for nearly all air travelers, including Americans

"Nearly all air travelers entering the U.S. will be required to show passports beginning January 23, 2007 including returning Americans and people from Canada and other nations in the Western Hemisphere."

What people are not really reporting is that the new passports are the RFID version. They are "standardized" among all passport and visa bearing countries now. They call it the E-passport initiative.

What I have a problem with is how our passports are getting updated with this RFID technology, and our Real-ID state ID/drivers licenses are getting updated as well. Alcohol, and Tobacco purchases are now requiring that you "swipe" your ID in order to pull up information relating to a "fake" ID or not. This innocent swipe can also alert authorities of improper usage, warrants or other information.

You may think this is benign. I mean, I don't have anything to hide and why should I care if they know everything I purchase, where I go, what I do, and who I am with?

The US government has already stated that they are not going to use the passports for just getting back "into" the country but for authorization to leave as well. If you are somehow flagged by DHS you may actually be required to stay in the country.

As security initiatives go, they happen slowly. However, one day we will be required to swipe our Real-ID card when we purchase goods and services. When that day happens, and I am required to swipe my card to buy stuff at the store we have entered the Orwellian nightmare society of scifi legends.

The government does NOT need to collect this much information on us. The sub-contractors who have access to this data do not need this much information on us. We need to be left alone and allow the most advanced forms of society and social networks to take place. Government only hinders social development, NOT encourage it.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Top 10 reasons why gay marriage should be illegal.

"About time someone made a list."

This story got me thinking. I personally do not believe the gay lifestyle should be a normal part of our society, however, we are a free country. I believe 100% in the freedom of the individual. I also believe in the founding documents of this country, and in the way America was supposed to be run as a country.

I don't believe gay marriage is against the constitution. Since religion in this country is protected, and a single nationwide religion should not be constructed, my personal views and that of the various religions should not outweigh the rights of the individual or state/federal laws.

In this country, as with many others, we take religion very seriously, kind of like football. Don't mess with God, or your favorite team, eh?

I am not going to take a stand right now, in this digg article on gay marriage, but everyone out there should think really hard about what made this country great, and where we are heading now. I don't think a few queer people are going to change the stability of the nation. That also means that if you are gay, don't ever intrude in my right to free speech, or religion. Please keep in mind that we are granted the freedom OF religion and not the freedom FROM it. thanks for listening.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Woman charged under UK terrorism act [data possession]

"A 22-year-old woman has been charged with a series of offences after British police found terrorist handbooks and weapons manuals on a computer hard drive."

Reuters and others posted these news articles, but left out the part of WTF!

Everyone needs to read the UK's Terrorism Act of 2000. It is located at the Crown publishing website:

Then read section 58:

"58. - (1) A person commits an offence if- (a) he collects or makes a record of information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, or (b) he possesses a document or record containing information of that kind. (2) In this section "record" includes a photographic or electronic record. (3) It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under this section to prove that he had a reasonable excuse for his action or possession."

OK, so you can always "hope" to prove a case for "I just had the manuals because I was reading them", or "wow, how did those get on my hard drive?", or "doesn't everyone have a copy of the Al-Queda manual around?".

Thought Crime is something to be very concerned about. If you don't think these laws will make it to the United States, you are grossly underestimating history.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

10-Year Old Disciplined for Visiting 9/11 Website

"A fifth grader named Mark reported that he had been sent home with a disciplinary report for visiting 9/11 Truth websites such as The student was sent to the Principal's office to face disciplinary measures. Steiner Ranch Elementary Assistant Principal Amy Moore was reportedly surprised that the school's filters hadn't blocked this."

This is totally unacceptable. I hope the dad presses forward with this, and makes sure these educators understand what learning is about. Researching is one thing, but it only gives one propaganda view of the world. If Mark was not following the instruction lesson, then he should have been written up for not following instructions. He was actually told that these websites were inappropriate.

School website:

Steiner Ranch Elementary
4001 Quinlan Park Rd.
Austin, TX 78732
(512) 434-7100
Fax (512) 434-7105
Gabriela Caceres

This 5th grader Mark is more informed than most adults in this country. His curiosity should be exploited not muted.

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones/ Jones Report November 8, 2006

A fifth grader named 'Mark' reported to Alex Jones' Infowars TV show by phone that he had been sent home with a disciplinary report for visiting 9/11 Truth websites such as

The 10 year-old Steiner Ranch Elementary student-- in Leander I.S.D. near Austin, Texas-- says that he was browsing such sites during his Computer Lab class period when a fellow student informed on him-- as though he were doing something wrong.

"He just ran up to my teacher in front of the whole class, saying 'he's searching terrorist stuff about 9/11'.

His teacher was "all shocked" and said, according to the student, "Mark, you shouldn't have been looking at conspiracy theory websites."

Alex Jones has confirmed the student's story

Mark said, "I was just searching the government websites which tell the truth-- which they think is a conspiracy-- and I get in trouble for it."

The student was sent to the Principal's office to face disciplinary measures. Steiner Ranch Elementary Assistant Principal Amy Moore was reportedly surprised that the school's IP filters hadn't blocked the sites.

"They should have," the Principal said to Mark while at the office.

He says that his principal checked the web history in his school web account, and was 'surprised.'

"I was going to websites that tell the truth about 9/11. She thought it was all a conspiracy; I confronted her," Mark said. "'No, it's all the truth,' you know. Bush-- and its not just him, a lot of other people-- and they're just trying to cover it up."

The assistant principal then told the 10 year-old, "Don't talk back to me" before sending him to sit in the hall and later back to class.

"He came home, and I couldn't really be mad at him," his father, who also spoke to Jones during the television program, admitted. "I just told him he should stay on task."

According to the Steiner Ranch Elementary Student & Parent Handbook, students are restricted from accessing websites considered to be abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another's reputation, or illegal. It is also against the rules to 'attempt to circumvent content filtered according to the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).'

However, the school regulations call for no attempt to stifle political content, news media or public information on government activities-- which would violate American rights to free speech.

So, by that yardstick, this student did absolutely nothing wrong, yet was subjected to scolding and accused before his peers.

This is part of a chilling pattern, not only in regards to free speech, but in the inherit allowance to pursue alternative views and research information.

Has society exposed its guilty, underlying psyche at even the lowest levels when a principal cannot tolerate dicussion of 9/11 Truth?

Our schools have built up walls that make prisons-- mindset of tyrranny has fallen down into a hypertense scene of paranoid suspicion. Its handbooks go on for paragraphs and pages, laying out definitions of criminal activities-- including specific weapons, instances of 'murder', 'gangs', 'sexual harrassment', 'hit lists', 'Title 5 Felony Offenses' and even 'terroristic threats.'

A 'Terroristic Threat' is defined in the Leadner I.S.D. Elementary Handbook as:

Threats to commit any offense involving violence to any person or property with intent to: (1) cause a reaction by an official or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies; (2) place any person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury; (3) prevent or interrupt the occupation or use of a building, room, place of assembly, place to which the public has access, place of employment or occupation, aircraft, automobile, or other form of conveyance, or other public place; (4) cause impairment or interruption of public communications, public transportation, public water, gas, or power supply or other public service; (5) place the public or a substantial group of the public in fear of serious bodily injury; or (6) influence the conduct or activities of a branch or agency of the federal government, the state, or a political subdivision of the state (including the District).

This school, and far too many others-- HAVE descended into a point where children ARE the criminals. A War -- like any war on drugs, terror, poverty, the mind-- has been twisted to be waged against those it presupposes to protect.

Mark's father mentioned this school has also approached him, recommending a psych test for behavior such as "running" and "making farting noises." Meanwhile, schools like Lee Middle School in Wyoming, Michigan conduct drills where police officers pointing guns at children's heads-- all without informing the students or school beforehand. "Some parents," the AP reported, "were upset."

"Some kids were so scared," said Marge Bradshw, the mother of one of the students, "they wet their pants."

There are even cases such as Jerseyville, Illinois where a teenager "carrying a bible" is shot twice-- and fatally-- by a police stun gun. This incident did not happen on campus, but still shows how the community regards its youth.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

America's Slide to Totalitarianism

"If the last-minute polling trends showing a powerful Republican comeback carry through the Nov. 7 elections, the end of America as we have known it for more than two centuries will be at hand. Election 2006 will have been the ratification of George W. Bush
’s grim vision of endless war and the end of a constitutional Republic."

Preach it PowerCow, go! The stats are pretty remarkable that you will have a higher chance of getting killed by police than a terrorist. It is all together incredible that we continue to take this crap from our government. We need to replace this government with people who want to actually look out for us.

Please vote for the Ron Paul's of this country in local and state elections. Keep the second amendment, don't allow ANY torture bills, and lets gets the government to a more manageable size. Yes, that's right, WE THE PEOPLE need to manage our government, not the other way around.

My dad tells me he doesn't want to know everything the government is doing. Heh, that's fine for some people, but there are organizations and watch dog groups out there who do. We need to have complete government transparency. There are many of us who actually do read bills and "acts of Congress" to know what is happening out there. We need to move into open source intelligence anyway. Who needs the CIA when you have feet on the street?

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