Monday, November 27, 2006

MSNBC, NBC News To Use The Phrase 'Civil War' To Describe Iraq

"MSNBC and NBC News have decided to begin referring to the civil war raging in Iraq as a 'civil war,' despite White House objections. ThinkProgress has the video."

@Matrix Prime has it right. We go in under false pretenses, and lying to the American People. (facts are too numerous to list here) We basically create civil unrest using P2OG doctrines and add to the already tension filled atmosphere. (lets remember that these people have been fighting for centuries) A full-on civil war ensues, and we don't take responsibility for it. Instead we stick our heads in the sand and "stay the course".

What America needs to do, or perhaps the White House (as the leaders), is to fess-up and come clean to the American People. We are paying the bills for goodness sakes. We made a horrible mistake (and keep making them I might add) so we need get ourselves out of there and hope that history will be kind on this administration's tenure.

American foreign policy needs to get a complete face lift, and corporate lobby needs to be removed from Washington. Unfortunately, our large corporate lobby groups are ONLY in Washington to make money, and they don't care a split pea about anything else. Which is strange, because a lot of these lobbyists are American citizens also. We are just screwing the whole system when we lie and work off a sole profit motive for war.

If you work at the following companies, please investigate your own company and find out what they do. You may be really surprised. [The Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Raytheon, CACI, Titan, Bechtel , Aegis, General Dynamics, MITRE, Chevron, Dutch Royal Shell, Exxon and Blackwater]. There are many more. is only one of many movies talking about this stuff.

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