Monday, November 13, 2006

Top 10 reasons why gay marriage should be illegal.

"About time someone made a list."

This story got me thinking. I personally do not believe the gay lifestyle should be a normal part of our society, however, we are a free country. I believe 100% in the freedom of the individual. I also believe in the founding documents of this country, and in the way America was supposed to be run as a country.

I don't believe gay marriage is against the constitution. Since religion in this country is protected, and a single nationwide religion should not be constructed, my personal views and that of the various religions should not outweigh the rights of the individual or state/federal laws.

In this country, as with many others, we take religion very seriously, kind of like football. Don't mess with God, or your favorite team, eh?

I am not going to take a stand right now, in this digg article on gay marriage, but everyone out there should think really hard about what made this country great, and where we are heading now. I don't think a few queer people are going to change the stability of the nation. That also means that if you are gay, don't ever intrude in my right to free speech, or religion. Please keep in mind that we are granted the freedom OF religion and not the freedom FROM it. thanks for listening.

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