Wednesday, May 17, 2006 video set of new Pentagon footage.

These are two previously unavailable surveillance tape clips of the purported plane crash at The Pentagon. Released in response to a FOIA request by Judicial Watch.

This video came from, downloaded from UseNet. It is simply called "both_new_pentagon_videos.avi" .

If you download this exact footage, then focus on frame 7152. Frame 7152 is when the "plane" comes into view, but is only half painted in. Frame 7153 then adds a white color to make the plane seem real. At the same frame 7153 a tree behind the plane also seems to grow, or something coming out of it where it was not in the previous frame before. Frame 7185 is when smoke magically appears before the plane seems to hit the building, and then the big fireball happens. Is this for real, or made up?

I am not suggesting either way, fake or real. I also want to make it clear I don't have a firm resolution on whether a plane hit the Pentagon, because there is evidence and witnesses, and testimony on both sides. I do want to suggest that photos released, and information released about these events is very manufactured.


If there is so much un-deniable proof that things went the way the 9-11 commission report stated, why did it take a year for it to come out? Why are there still so many questions? We need a 3rd party investigation team.

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