Friday, June 30, 2006

Jon Stewart on the 7 man Sears Tower plot.

"If you're going to wage a full ground war against the united states, you probably need more than seven people..." Hilarious

The premise that we have terrorism of this nature, by 7 dip-shits in a warehouse, by patsies like Tim McVeigh, or CIA assets like Osama Bin Laden are the unfortunate nature of the current state of fear in the United States. No matter what your religion or political sway is today you should understand that our world is slowly shifting towards a global elite and one world government. Take a look at,, and There is currently way too many news stories offering counter arguments to the False Flag operations in this country. Whenever something like this happens, just wait a few weeks and information will start surfacing about how the people involved were dim-wits, retarded, or perhaps tricked into thinking a particular way. If our government (in this case the FBI) creates entrapment scenarios for these types of people this trend will continue. All it takes is a small amount of effort to convince stupid people they are doing something important.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

FBI Thwarts Possible Terrorist Plot to Blow Up Sears Tower

The FBI raided a building in Miami, Florida and took 7 people into custody in connection with an alleged plot to blow up various targets including the Sears Tower in Chicago. (Can't wait for the new digg so this doesn't have to go in links...)

--from the article---
"Sources told CNN that the arrests culminated a monthslong undercover operation. The suspects believed they were dealing with an al Qaeda operative but the person was actually a government informant, the sources said."

OK, so wait a minute. A government operative gets involved, starts talking to these guys as an "Al Qaeda" operative and then they all get arrested.

Wow, yeah, thats proof they were going to do something allright. Where is Larry Silverstein? Did you know he owns the Sears Tower complex now? Keep your eye on this one, as Larry's other two buildings (the Twin Towers) were also destroyed.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chinese Capital Shuts Down 18 Websites in Internet Crackdown

Beijing authorities have revoked the licenses of six Internet websites and temporarily shut down 12 others during a 90-day city-wide crackdown, state press reported.

OMG, did otherland just say "Reminds me to be grateful that I live in America where information is free from government censorship." Just as long as the information we post agrees with the current administration and powers that be. I am actually a registered republican, but can see where our current administration is totally off base with censorship of FOIA requests, public information, free speech, and dissenting opinions. Do we have an open government? Do we have the freedom to say what we want, within reason? Take a look at Fox news who continually tells us to shut up and drink the political cool-aid.

I so much want for this country to focus on community development, and its people. With so many wars, and the state of fear we are being forced into I don't see this happening. We are spiraling towards an abyss of great tyrannical proportions. Stop the madness!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Pirate Bay: Back and Searchable

The Pirate Bay is back with a vengeance, and back with its search! Order has been restored!

Using torrents, p2p, Usenet, sharing, whatever, to give consumers the selection they want is the best deal. I have several different types of distribution to experience media. I buy huge quantities of DVD and CD media. I would not have the exposure to music or videos for me otherwise. I think the RIAA and the MPAA are going overboard. Where the pirate bay is concerned, all they provide is a search engine and tracking system for torrents. You still have to engage in the download, and whatever distribution is involved, but it has nothing to do with search sites like pirate bay.

No company or law enforcement agency should be able to decide what my purposes for downloading things are. Maybe I just want to supplement my CD collection with .mp3 for my hard drive at home. Maybe I want a backup of a DVD, or maybe I want an Xvid to fit on a CD of something I own. Maybe I want a tv show which I just recorded on Tivo, but really want to view it on the road going to Vegas on my notebook. There must be thousands of legit uses for the many forms of digital distribution.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

RIAA Targeting Youtube and Google Video

According to the RIAA, Youtube and Google Video are the newest way to share music illegally. The RIAA's served Youtube several cease-and-desist letters to remove content that users have uploaded because of background music.

@djgump35 I am with you here. I frequently will hear songs in videos, power point stuff, flash/shockwave, and other Internet type media and will always look for the "music by" at the end for the stuff I like. I have picked up several albums, and songs because of this. Its getting to a point where not only will they want to control how we listen, but how we actually learn of the songs also? This is getting pretty nuts. RIAA needs to embrace this technology instead of pissing off every single avenue they have of actually making more money. By sticking to a legacy business model, they are sure to be doomed int oblivion. cya!

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