Monday, June 05, 2006

RIAA Targeting Youtube and Google Video

According to the RIAA, Youtube and Google Video are the newest way to share music illegally. The RIAA's served Youtube several cease-and-desist letters to remove content that users have uploaded because of background music.

@djgump35 I am with you here. I frequently will hear songs in videos, power point stuff, flash/shockwave, and other Internet type media and will always look for the "music by" at the end for the stuff I like. I have picked up several albums, and songs because of this. Its getting to a point where not only will they want to control how we listen, but how we actually learn of the songs also? This is getting pretty nuts. RIAA needs to embrace this technology instead of pissing off every single avenue they have of actually making more money. By sticking to a legacy business model, they are sure to be doomed int oblivion. cya!

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