Thursday, June 22, 2006

FBI Thwarts Possible Terrorist Plot to Blow Up Sears Tower

The FBI raided a building in Miami, Florida and took 7 people into custody in connection with an alleged plot to blow up various targets including the Sears Tower in Chicago. (Can't wait for the new digg so this doesn't have to go in links...)

--from the article---
"Sources told CNN that the arrests culminated a monthslong undercover operation. The suspects believed they were dealing with an al Qaeda operative but the person was actually a government informant, the sources said."

OK, so wait a minute. A government operative gets involved, starts talking to these guys as an "Al Qaeda" operative and then they all get arrested.

Wow, yeah, thats proof they were going to do something allright. Where is Larry Silverstein? Did you know he owns the Sears Tower complex now? Keep your eye on this one, as Larry's other two buildings (the Twin Towers) were also destroyed.

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