Monday, June 20, 2016

Bohemian Grove activities meetup in Monte Rio, CA 7/16/2016

Rituals like the cremation of care to lakeside chats have people talking worldwide.   Bilderberg takes place each year in some posh hotel, and then summer rolls around and more of these elite, those who are supposedly representing us, gather in the Monte Rio woods for summer camp.

Resist the Grove!

Facebook Event Page to register, sign-up and chat

Meet us up at Bohemian Grove on Saturday July 16, 2016

20601 Bohemian Ave, Monte Rio, CA 95462
Confirmed date of the event: 7/16/2016

Meeting and Greeting whomever shows up at the gates, and bringing a reminder that the people will show up with modern pitch forks (i.e. bullhorns).

Bring your stories and knowledge, and lets get stuff down on video and radio. We have journalists, photographers, videographers and travelling truth tellers that show up each year.

Bohemian Grove is the West Coast location of the rich and famous romper room Bilderberg Group. This is where policy is made for the next year, and big business get their marching orders on what is coming next. Traditionally it was attended by so-called "Conservatives" or "Righ Wing" fundamentalist power brokers. This has never been the complete story.

Alex Jones broke into Bohemian Grove with the help of locals, and broke out a world-class story, putting a very evil spin on the groves activities. What is the truth? What can you learn by attending and sharing?

We call it "Bilderberg West".