Thursday, September 09, 2010

Real Slaves

The TEA party movement is about limited government, a government where we are represented just enough to protect the rights we inherited and are a natural part of us. Government never gives rights. In fact, the constitution clearly binds the government’s actions to allow the states and the people the most rights capable under law. If anyone tells you the TEA party is about anything else, they don’t understand the movement.

I agree that you will hear topics like lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, open carry, police state, world government and FEMA camps. These topics, although important, are simply a result of government getting too big in the first place. If we simply went back to a limited government, these problems would resolve themselves. People may not understand that “limited” government does not need to mean small or ineffective government. On the contrary, the government we institute as a people will be the size we need it to be in order to provide for the protection of everyone’s rights.

If you look at how our government worked for us from the founding to the early 1900s you will still find corruption, but overall you had good representation. The problems started appearing when a European group of international bankers decided to merge with American industry. Families such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Brown Brothers Harriman, Warburg, Kuhn Loeb, J. Henry Schroder and Jacob Schiff are all at the center here. They wanted more for them and less for you. I can’t possibly go into that much history here, but look it up and find a really scary thing that happened.

After 1910, which is primarily when things started to fall apart, is exactly when these bankers and business tycoons started implementing their plans. The best way to create a monopoly is with government. The best way to scam an entire population out of its money is through government, again, in the form of tax free foundations. So we see government expand, more war, more expansion, more war, depression, more war and then an endless cycle of business, war, taxes and rights being taken away.

Government gets bigger; they start making the people believe the government is your friend and can fix things. The banks get rich off loans to government, and then our children start to believe “this is just the way things are.”

In reality, its not the way things need to be. Government does not need to control every aspect of our lives. In fact, throughout history it is proven that when there is less government, there is more prosperity. Give people the chance, within the law, and they will create a great society.

It is my firm belief that proper non-government education and a solid understanding of history will clearly solve most all the problems we face today. We simply don’t teach real history anymore. We teach children how to be good citizens, don’t rock the boat and work best how the state sees fit. It would not be in the best interest of the government or the big corporations running everything to have a well-educated public, full of free thinkers and clear minds.

Instead, we eat highly processed foods, drink fluoride-laced water, microwave our food to death, eat too many fake colors and radiate our bodies with too many technology devices. We teach our kids they are not unique, they should conform and do what they are told, and above all else, listen to the government and mainstream media.

We have endless debates about football and Lindsey Lohan, but where is God, family and country in all that? Throughout my adult life, I was always told “don’t mention politics” at parties or poker. Well, just think if we actually did talk more about politics every day, and we had more casual conversations about where are country is headed – perhaps we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now.

So we go day to day believing that things are the way they are, they can’t be changed, and the government is going to save us. Real slaves are those who wait around for others to free them. Or you can get up, get mad, get involved, ask questions and not believe in the status quo.

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