Friday, October 10, 2008

Uri Dadush / World Bank loses it on WJ

Uri Dadush from the World Bank loses it when a caller starts talking about real issues on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. Uri stumbles and falls all over himself trying to change the subject. Globalization of money means taking decisions related to normal people and moving them to international arenas where decisions are made on behalf of the whole planet. I don't know about you, but I would rather have my local banks and government make decisions which work best for me and my community.

A world banking organization is going to cripple the people of this world, and simply make a haven for a bunch of really rich elite nutjobs.

The caller mentions Infowars (, Bilderberg, the North American Union, and how the middle class is getting screwed.

Down with the New World Order, down with the UN, down with a One World Government.

Listen to and

We all need to call the World Bank and "school" the International Trade (Economic) Department on the fact that the "Federal Reserve Bank" is no more Federal than "Federal Express". If you take the tour at the Fed they even talk about these publicly known facts. Keeping this public information from people on television amounts to deception which makes the motives of the World Bank very clear. Investigate these facts, check out the IMF as well.

The World Bank
1818 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20433 USA
tel: (202) 473-1000
fax: (202) 477-6391
Ask your congressman why we continue to deceive people on television, even C-SPAN? Demand that our C-SPAN anchors ask tougher questions and don't back down when people sidestep the issues.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

RE: Is America "On Final Approach" to Financial Collapse?

Take a look at this website information from It is some of the most interesting data I read on the Internet. They advocate strong preparedness, having a plan, don't panic, and back it up with some amusing commentary. I wouldn't dismiss this information outright because it may just have validity to it.


OK, so here's my personal take on what I've planned for going forward.

  • I anticipate that early next week, the stock market will decline to under the 10,000 level and that, in turn, may spur already nervous (and un-prepared!) people to panic and begin bank runs. That phrase has been popping up a fair amount lately with stories about how "Wachovia faced 'silent' bank run; FDIC forced sale" this week, an opinion piece in Forbes this week from Nouriel Roubini says expect: "Next: The Mother of All Bank Runs?"

  • Against the background of a $350-billion Fed move this week and a $700-billion banker bailout by the CONgress, for a total of $1-trillion dollars spent - or about 7% of U.S.A. GDP in a single week, the NY Times News Service carried in today's Idaho Statesman understat3es thing by saying "Crisis could be at Global Tipping Point", which is exactly what the predictive linguistics have been screaming at us for more than a year now - hence my advice to friends and readers to 'flee paper assets' and get properly defensive in posture, spreading risk between banks, precious metals, physical goods, and a TreasuryDirect account, in order to maximize personal lifestyle retention potential through this period.

  • I anticipate that on Monday or Tuesday something will act as the 'kindling effect" and will lead to a massive stock market decline. I've been putting a list of potential 'sparks' together that could set off the conflagration so here's my 'short list' to which you can add your own:

  • My personal pick is that what will happen on Monday will be that the derivatives market will drive a stock market collapse. Let me explain why: First, you need to understand how the general "settlement day" issues will work, and the Financial Times has a good summary of the issues here.

  • A note from a very well informed source at the UN Geneva sent me a terse note today that simply says "There will be fewer banks standing in Euroland on Monday morning." That will compound/confound things if right.

  • What no one is reporting (so why don't we?) is that even investment houses that think they have a clean derivatives book could find that they sudden have huge cash calls on Monday which could trigger panic selling of stocks and other assets. The reason is this: When certain kinds of instruments fail, the current owner is presented with a settlement demand. But, if that first/current owner is not able to meet the settlement demand, then there is the potential fore recourse back to a previous owner. And then, if that owner doesn't have money, another layer of the onion may be peeled back, such that I honestly expect that the unintended consequences will be a cascading collapse next week. What's worse? The Bailout Bill passed on Friday will not be able to stop it because the mechanisms for Treasury and the Fed to bail is not spelled out. My term for it is "Crashcading Collapse" - when people who thought they were good have to suddenly have a fire sale of assets to raise cash.

  • Once a meltdown of the stock market gets underway, I expect that the contagion would likely spread into the general public with panic withdrawals from US banks beginning, and that in turn, could trigger banking restrictions. This is the worst-case scenario. (Next to a terrorist attack, of course).

  • Next, in order to maintain public order during those kinds of events, I expect the Bush Administration argue the need to 'enforce public order' and thus, some of the rumors of pending 'martial law' that have come from both the Internet and some Congresspersons, could come to pass. It will be argued on the one hand that the events really do fit into a conspiratorial mold on the one hand, but a logical sequence and response by government on the other.

  • Then, on about October 15th, we get some other kind of 'military' aspect to the events about to unfold, and if I recall right, another such thing around October 25-27 - someplace in there.

  • Then we get a break of a few weeks, although just as people think "Ha! Things are getting back to normal..." then wham, along with come more or less a lock-down of financial systems in November (around the 27th/Thanksgiving period if memory serves right.

  • And then, just as we get through that, we anticipate (again, remember this is all based on some pretty far-out linguistic concepts here) the 'double earthquakes of December which may (or may not) be impacting on the US mainland. There's some drift in the data in the more recent processing.

So, come the end of January of next year, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the markets down around 7,400 on the Dow and then for Robin Landry's hoped-for "B" wave to begin, although it would likely peak in mid 2009 as the "Summer of Hell" breaks out thanks to continuing/record foreclosures on homes and continuously rising unemployment, which will be used by government for a further expansion of its powers over citizens, instead of what the Framers had in mind - government that was responsive to (and smaller than) the general population. That ship sailed long ago, eh?


I don't know about you, but when the stock market collapses 157-points into the close, as it did on Friday after a trillion dollars was promised this week, I do get a little anxious about events to come next week, especially when we've been talking about that date for months and months based on the work of our learned colleagues with the linguistic time machine.

All we can do now is watch with a kind of emotional detachment, having taken what seem like reasonable steps in order to be insulated to some extent from what could turn into panic.

Cliff and Igor are always pointing out the value of eating pie. I, on the other hand, not being as relaxed about ;'living the news twice' probably over-prepare and over-react in advance of events. For me, a double-shot of rum or vodka on the rocks works better. Admittedly pie's better for you.

Nevertheless, this morning's report is a summary of my expectations based on how I read the data leaking through from the future. Just as the "A" wave down in the markets was the opening of the Great Depression, and he "B" wave (bounce) lasted until the onset of the secondary depression in 1937, which all set the stage for a Kondratiev long wave trough war in the form of World War II, I expect think there's a chance that the events out around 2011-2014 could very easily be seen as that Big Ending that's in religious texts.

Either that, or as we go through the galactic ecliptic out there somewhere, various realities start to leak into our from other dimensions. Along the way, UFO's and disappearances should rise because if there are really other beings who are "not-from-here" we're now in a period of intensely interesting activity here on Ant Farm Earth.


Drop by Monday morning for our usual dose of cynicism and humor as we continue to read the linguistic tea leaves and do our dead-level best to play Nostradamus Lite walking a thin line between Chicken Little ("The sky is falling!") and the Boy Scout creed "Be Prepared!" here in what I've concluded is no longer the America of my upbringing (admitted a half century ago).

"Welcome to chaos in the Checkbook Republic, we'll be touching down in January-February 2009. Have your seat belts securely fastened...."

Friday, October 03, 2008

money and banking troubles

Throughout my research and tidbits I have picked up lately, there is good reason to believe there may be a "banking holiday" next week or shortly thereof. If the house bill does not pass tomorrow it is almost assured there will be an event next week.

I have recommended in the past that you make sure your investments are secure by checking on them, and making sure they are in foreign currency, commodities, gold mines/futures, or other hard assets. I have recommended (based on research of others) to get out as much money as you can and put into gold, silver and other tangible assets. Quite frankly, even foreign currency is speculation at best, so gold is really your best option. Gold can be purchased in small denominations as small as $20-$100 sizes.

Today I am desperately encouraging you to take out enough money to last for a couple weeks. If nothing happens you can always put your money back in next month.

You can always read my blog at to see all the craziness I have been looking through. Regardless if you believe some of it or not, there is good reason to be cautious, have a plan, have some real money on hand (don't rely on checks, ATM or credit), and buy some tangible assets like gold if you can.

My previous two posts should be reviewed as well:

get ready for what may be a very rough ride in the next few days...

When faith is frayed - Financial Review time

The most important thing is DON'T PANIC even if something happens. A well thought-out plan of action is good to have around anyway, so use it, and know that everything bounces back. Even the worst of situations God knows what is going on, but that doesn't mean you sit back and hope some kind of rescue will happen by magic.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NO To The Paulson-Bernanke Derivatives Scam Bailout

Take a look at this excellent break-down of the current financial situation. You will find that you may become sick when realizing the numbers and vast amount of criminalism involved here.

NO To The Paulson-Bernanke
Derivatives Scam Bailout
Bail Out the American People, Not Wall Street!

An Economic Recovery Strategy for Protectionists,
Dirigists, Mercantilists, and Populists

By Webster G. Tarpley

DC -- The grand theft bailout now being rammed through Congress by Treasury Secretary Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, and other officials of the Bush regime with the help of accomplices Pelosi, Majority Leader Harry Reid, and other parliamentarians is a monstrosity for the ages, combining every hideous feature of monetarism, elitism, oligarchism, and sheer feckless incompetence. It is to all intents and purposes a national suicide note of the United States of America, a contract with the devil that absolutely guarantees irrevocable national decline. For any person of goodwill there can be only one impulse at the present moment, and that is to stop this bailout -- to block it, to sabotage it, to bottle it up, to load it with killer amendments, and to do everything legally possible to stop this insane design from going through.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008



The presidential campaigns have been largely silent so far regarding the post-9/11 changes in the character of American government. But those changes, documented by constitutional scholar Louis Fisher in a new book, have been profound and far-reaching, and they remain to be addressed.

"Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States abandoned many of its rights and privileges for the accused, both citizens and non-citizens," Mr. Fisher writes.

"With political power concentrated in the President, executive branch officials met in secret to draft policies that supported the arrest and detention of suspected terrorists. They saw no need to make specific charges, provide counsel, or allow the accused an opportunity to examine evidence."

"Military commissions became a substitute for civil courts and courts-martial. Suspects were flown to foreign prisons for interrogation and t-rture. Some of the administration initiatives violated existing statutes and treaties. Once again in America, emergency powers were invoked to disregard individual rights and weaken national security," writes Mr. Fisher, a specialist in separation of powers at the Law Library of Congress.

For those who have not been paying attention, Mr. Fisher recounts the major departures from legal norms that have unfolded in recent years, with chapters on Guantanamo, domestic surveillance, military tribunals and state secrets. And for those who have been paying attention, the book adds a new dimension of historical understanding, tracing the precursors to current policies and their eventual repudiation. (I contributed a blurb for the book jacket.)

See "The Constitution and 9/11: Recurring Threats to America's Freedoms" by Louis Fisher, University of Kansas Press, 2008:

The Secrecy News Blog is at:

Here's a variety of videos you might find helpful...

From Dave:

Here's a variety of videos you might find helpful...

Ed Griffin's "Quigley Formula" presentation is available on YouTube. Just search "Griffin Quigley" and there it is!
Quigley's The Anglo-American Establishment is not as heavy a book and has the info.

The American Form of Government

Peter Dale Scott (didn't you send this one around a short while back?)

America the Oligarchy -You are free to do what they tell you

Timeless Wisdom & Warnings from the Inventors of America

Noam Chomsky - The Political system in the USA kinda dull. Tell me what you think...

Monday, September 22, 2008


Please look at this information, yeah its a little out there, but considering the history I am picking up notice a little.

Coast to coast Radio with George and Cliff the "Time Monks"


RELATED: Web Bot Report Foresees October 7 "Turning Point"
"The Time Monks" of the Web Bot Project answered questions on Coast to Coast radio during the early morning hours on September 22nd, 2008. Firstly, here is a short recap to the previous Web Bot interview from September 2nd, 2008:
" The Web Bots see September 22-27, 2008 as precursor dates to the main turning point date of October 7, 2008. Closely watch events during September 22-27, 2008 for hints as to what to expect on October 7, 2008. Cliff said whenever "it" happens, and whatever "it" turns out to be, "it" will be a date in history you remember like 9/11, we will remember 10/7. The Web Bots foresee that October 7, 2008 to February 19, 2009 will be filled with emotional intensity, and the length of the release period will be extraordinary. The Web Bots have never picked up any event lasting this long. In comparison, 9/11 length lasted about 10 days. This event will be four months of high emotion......."

Based upon the September 22nd interview on Coast to Coast radio with the Time Monks, here is an outline of what the Web Bots have uncovered for the following weeks, months and years:
The next year will get very ugly and will change your life worse than 9/11. It is important to understand the magnitude of the data. The sort of agony, grief, pain and rage that was felt the six days following 9/11 will be felt for five and a half months. From October 7th, 2008 until March of next year....

  • Will there be a total economic collapse?
Yes. 2009 will be a "year of transformation." The keyword "monumental" shows up as how the future will view our current situation. Time Monks describe this as an "epic situation"
  • How to prepare for what's coming?
The Time Monks say:
Have a plan in place to be as independent of the institutions of society as you can possibly get. Prepare for a situation in which you will have no water, food, electricity or heat. Have clothing for all seasons and EXTRA MEDICINE. Possibility of oil going up to $500 a barrel, also possible massive deflation from nobody buying anything. This is the kind of thing where the other nations on the planet will be so scared of whats going to happen in the U.S. that they will begin preparing, fearing that the U.S. will go crazy. This includes mobilizing military.
Try not to panic, we have a couple of weeks. You can not store enough to get you by indefinitely. A situation my arise in which you may need to move or be relocated. Time Monks do not advocate bank runs because money may become useless. Says longer term data "implies money is less intense part of society than it is now."
  • September 22nd - 27th - The Plateau of building tension.
On October 6th, 11:59 pm, the planet is going to go through a "period of release" following the traumatic event. The information will spread very quickly due to technology. The release language will start at the point of impact.
The event could be something such as a "false flag terror attack" in some part of the world, U.S. may not necessarily be at epi-center of said event. It could also be a "slow boil" event such as a bio-agent released. There are expected elements of a prequel that will set the stage for the event, between the dates of September 15th-September 27th.
  • Is this a self fulfilling prophecy?
Time Monks say this is possible.
  • Is there something worse looming?
"The situation is complex, not a single trigger. 45-58% economic, 40% military, the rest is terra activity."
Really big numbers popped up that are quite worrying. Somewhere between 2 to 22 million lives will be drastically effected by the event.
It is possible that a manufactured terror event will lead to terrible things. Possibility of martial law or military reaction to terror event, real or manufactured.
  • Is this inevitable?
Time Monks do not know. Cite the possibility that if enough people get the message it may be possible to hijack the future based upon knowing about "constant co-creation".
  • December 10th-12th, 2008 - China sized earthquake in Pacific NW.
  • In 2009 there will be a global coastal event.
This does not necessarily mean a tsunami. If you live around water it would be good to have a boat.
  • Are there other think tanks who are saying something similar not based on the same system?
"We know the Chinese are into this.": Similar language grabbing program with much larger chunks. Time Monks tracked these techniques back to a Chinese super computing center.
  • Are U.S. agencies using Web bots?
There seems to be a suggestion it's too "woo woo" for them. They have used remote viewing in the past, but it's not as accurate as what we're doing. The current thinking in the military and alphabet organizations is that they want massive databases. They are looking for social networking. They think in terms of if they can find one terrorist they can find the rest of network. The web bot is not based on this style of gathering information. Web bot looks for big stuff. It's like comparing binoculars to a microscope. Web bot looks for MASSIVE Change. Web bot is not a "microscope" like military program. Also, these groups (military and alphabet organizations) may not need web bot if they're creating what is going to happen. The Time Monks contacted the CIA to take a look at what they have found and submitted a brief. CIA said it's interesting but they're not interested.
  • Anything about Antarctica/Global Warming?
Antarctica is very important to the "powers that be". 13% of linguistics related to the "powers that be" concern Antarctica. Antarctica is big key to whatever is driving them.
  • Anything to do with the Hadron Collider?
Time Monks not worried about Hadron Collider. Data so far indicates that the scientists at CERN are performing a "juggling act and keep dropping oranges". Doesn't show up in linguistics as a driver in what's about to occur.
  • Do you believe extraterrestrials are real and/or play a role?
Within consciousness, there is a distinct consciousness that is not human.

Clear that there is something outside of the human realm that drives the "powers that be". There is "stuff" in the model space (of the web bot) that goes through the idea of "disappearances" beginning next year (relating to extraterrestrials). It's as if an inter-dimensional door opens up and people are sucked though the door and the door closes.
  • 2009: Disappearance language gets more specific. Big changes. Some of the "powers that be" will disappear. "Powers that be" will be out and about with large groups of people with them and they will all disappear.
  • A lot of alien activity way off in the future.
  • Indications in language involving e.t.s (possible result of disinformation):
    • Alien wars are coming.
    • These alien events may or may not be real but people are acting as if they are real.
  • Things that Time Monks could not categorize/make sense of:
  • There is a device out and about in the world being chased down by the "powers that be".
  • Two whistle-blowers have a device in their hands and are on the run.
    • By just having the device they have created certain side effects that the "powers that be" couldn't have predicted. The Time Monks do not have a word for these devices. Relate it to a cave man trying to describe a modern gun.
  • Presidential Election
Won't be decided for some months past November. Won't make any difference to what's happening.

  • Religion
Religious component. Religion will change in December between 12th to the 15th. Evangelicals will have an "un-burdening", Evangelicals will feel some sort of "shame".
  • Big revolution coming against the "powers that be"

Friday, September 19, 2008

get ready for what may be a very rough ride in the next few days...

Please read this, the links, and the story at the bottom. I encourage you to seriously consider moving a majority of your savings, long term investments, pensions, and other IRA style investments into Gold, silver and precious metals (either physical purchases or investments). I am not saying this, but the financial advisors from the Financial Times, Bob Chapman, Paul Craig Roberts, Richard Cook, Bloomberg, WSJ and others.

The Federal government runs out of money on 10/1/2008. Hopefully China and Russia will continue to fund us, otherwise its all over. Just read,, and the International Forecaster.

Midas Resources sells Gold and other metals online.
Camino Coin is located in Burlingame and highly recommended.
24 hour Gold site
Kitco Gold site

1000 bank closures, said by billionaire
Treasury going to print $500-$800 Billion tax payer dollars to bail people out.
The United States Becoming an Impoverished Nation
It's the Derivatives, Stupid!

Fractional Reserve Banking is a fraud. It is the art of taking someones money, lending it out at 10x what you took in, re-packaging debt and securities, and then bringing in more assets, and starting the whole process over and over again until you have Trillions of dollars in leveraged debt out of thin air. The problem is that there were real assets purchased with the funny money, and the ultra rich bankers basically stole it all while saying it is completely legal due to our fraudulent Federal Reserve scam system.

I have been doing a ton of research into this, and all the signs points towards something very desperate, very soon. Please don't believe me, read the posts I sent and do your own research. Your families will depend on you making a good decision.

As Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut and chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, put it Friday morning on the ABC program “Good Morning America,” the congressional leaders were told “that we’re literally maybe days away from a complete meltdown of our financial system, with all the implications here at home and globally.”

For more information, contact me at


And every day, I receive candidate-bashing cartoons, stupid, political one-liners about lipstick wearing pigs, hockey mom's, etc. C'mon folks!! Give it a rest!! Instead of bashing the crap out of one candidate while touting another & generally forcing your unsolicited opinions on others, think about this.....................

They ALL promise change. How about if they run on a promise of restoration rather than change. A restoration that would take us back in time to a place where things ran better, smoother and life was more enjoyable.

Change? That, in truth, is what they have been giving us all along.

We USED to have a strong dollar ... Politicians changed that.

Life USED to be sacred ... Politicians changed that.

Marriage USED to be sacred ... Politicians are changing that.

We USED to be respected around the world ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to have a manufacturing economy ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to have lower tax structures ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to enjoy more freedoms ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to be a large exporter of goods ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to be an OPENLY Christian nation ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to teach patriotism in schools ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to educate children in schools ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to enjoy freedom of speech ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to ENFORCE LEGAL citizenship ... Politicians changed that.

We USED to have affordable food & gas ... Politicians changed that, too.

. ... and one could go on and on with this list.

What hasn't been changed, politicians are promising to change that as well if you will elect them. When, oh WHEN, is America going to sit back with open eyes and look at what we once were and where we have come and say, enough is enough?

The trouble is, America's youthful voters today don't know of the great America that existed forty and fifty years ago. They see the world as if it has always existed as it is now.

When will we wake up? Tomorrow may be too late. When will America realize ... Politicians are what is wrong with America?

CHANGE....NO!!!! RESTORE.....YES!!!!

Maria Curtis, 2008 September 18

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nader and Oliver talking about Martial Law

Here is the URL for the Nader piece talking about Congressman Olver saying that "Bush would attack Iran, and institute martial law if Bush/Cheney were impeached". Now I agree this should get out to everyone and we should talk to our congress people too. But lets not jump to conclusions, as Olver could have been misquoted, but I agree the situation is not that good right now. Further listening to this video it is clear that nobody overheard Bush saying these words, but instead it was Congressman Olver who said he "believed" martial law would happen with the attack of Iran, but we all know this already.

and here is the article that started it. The article also includes a clip from Bob Fueur of Stockbridge.


Congress afraid of impeaching Bush as he may bomb Iran, declare martial law, suspend elections

George Washington’s Blog
June 17, 2008

Yesterday, in response to an essay arguing for impeachment, I got the following comment:

“If anything, the start of impeachment proceedings might force Bush to start the war against Iran early or cause him to bring about the false flag attack you mention. What better way to show the country how the Democrats engage in devisive partisan politics than to have them impeach him while the country is at war. Bush could also use the threat of impeachment as a pretext for declaring martial law and sweeping aside all opposition. It’s better to just let Bush leave office quietly than to risk the horrors that he could unleash on us before then.”

What is he talking about?

Well, both Ralph Nader
and attorney, longtime activist and 24-year public defender Bob Fueur say Congressman John Olver disclosed that Congress is terrified that — if Bush or Cheney are impeached — they might bomb Iran, declare martial law and suspend the 2008 elections.

Indeed, leading neocon Daniel Pipes said in a recent interview posted at National Review Online, that if Obama is elected in November, Bush will attack Iran in the remaining ten weeks of his term.

If what Olver or Pipes say is true, then Bush and Cheney are literally terrorists. And Congress is literally negotiating with them by saying - in essence - “please don’t bomb Iran or declare martial law and suspend the elections, and we won’t impeach you”.

I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists.

Impeaching, removing and convicting these guys is the safest approach. Covering up their crimes - which Congress is currently doing - is like telling a terrorist that we won’t spill the beans on his last terrorist attack if he doesn’t blow us up . . . an approach which will backfire and lead to more terrorism.

Disclosing their crimes, taking away their ability to carry out further mischief, taking away their base of power, and imprisoning them is the way to protect ourselves.


What I wonder is that if our congressman are so afraid to impeach, doesn't that mean we are already in "continuity of government" already?

I am doing a vast amount of research into this topic as well. Maybe we can share research and get it out to everyone. Send me an e-mail

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When faith is frayed - Financial Review time

Everyone, this news is one of the latest truthful mainstream articles out today. Those of you over 55 (check rules on accounts), you have far greater control over your retirement funds now. Many analysts who are being truthful, are telling people to get into gold and precious metals. I mean pull a majority if not all of it out, and buy gold and silver coins. Get yourself a big enough gun safe and stash your money, and get a shotgun.

Those under 55, you will want to re-invest your retirement funds into diversity accounts including oversees currency and commodities. Stocks and bonds are going to die, but gold will be around forever. A lot of fund managers can now dip into gold reserves to invest clients money. Either that, or transfer money into Euros and/or Francs. Some analysts are saying just take the 10% hit and pull the money out now, and after gold takes off during the depression you will have doubled your money, or more. There is a 20% backside tax, but several analysts are talking about gold going upwards of $2000 to $4000, and you could be holding a pretty good nest egg.

I am going to list some websites. I hope you will not just listen to me, but listen to the experts I have been listening to. I wish I would have played my hand better back on 2002-2005, or maybe I would have some money to protect now. Unforunately, I don't. I will feel really awful if I don't warn you much more fervently on the coming economic collapse. I am reading many books, and listening to many financial experts on what to do in the coming year. Please, please, please take action. I did not listen to anyone back in 2005 when the housing crisis was hitting, and I paid for it. I am no longer sticking my head in the sand, but listening to experts on the web and local brokers. I will personally not be making the same mistakes twice.

Its great if you have a garden, because that is where its going to get interesting over the next year. I will most likely be starting my own garden here shortly. We have to grow our own food to stay healthy. I recommend taking a look at as they sell many products which are just very prudent to have around, especially during economic downturns, depressions, and collapses. Storable foods, emergency supplies, 3-day packs, water purification, solar panels are all good things to invest in for many different reasons.

This should be forwarded to the remainder of the family. Let everyone get online and do their own research. I am providing initial links, but nobody should be sitting idly by right now and "hope" our government will bail them out. Its our money they are playing with and the bankers have done a really bad job at taking care of our business. They have just been looking out after their own butts, and even some of them got burned.

I don't want this to be gloom and doom. If a house is on fire, its a bad thing, but the best thing to do is warn people about it. We can all live another day once its been put out. The problems right now are because of the bankers (the big ones in New York), the Federal Reserve and the dollar devaluation. Housing, food prices, gas and commodities are all affected because of this.

for more information contact me at (but look at the 5 year charts, and when gold is supposed to jump and slump) (very good site, Bob Chapman has been in this business for 35+ years) (National debt information)

Listen to Jim Rogers on Bloomberg

Bloomberg has been pretty straight on news as well

Here is a PCWorld article of all things about dollar devaluation

Here is the CIO forrester article it mentions

Forbes article talking about smart investing during inflationary times, and the devaluation of the dollar.

The buck doesn't stop here; it just keeps falling

Speculation, weak dollar add $45 to oil prices: OPEC

Geopolitics and Geoeconmics by F. William Engdahl

U.S. dollar devaluation not the only currency bet in town

Here is an Indian newspaper talking about the dollar collapse

Jerome Corsi's RedAlert newsletter
Subscription only, but good to look at the blurbs and headlines to do further research

Prediction of market downturn hitting target

Google News Search on Dollar devaluation

Infowars news archive of financial articles

KEY POINTS (not from me, from smart investors)

1) Favor those countries with strong external balance sheets and high savings rates (JPY, SGD, KRW, CHF, TWD). Note that these are the anti-carry trade currencies from this cycle.

2) Favor those countries that have/make stuff that the world wants (kind of an offshoot of point 1, but more geared to commodity producers that will continue to experience favorable terms-of-trade shocks). This means CAD, NOK, AUD, and maybe NZD. I am less hot on AUD and NZD because of their massive current account deficits.

3) Stay away from the big borrowers (USD, GBP).

4) Buy gold - it's the only real currency.

Tom Petruno
Market Beat

When faith is frayed

Blows to the banking system are raising unsettling questions in an already turbulent economy.
Tom Petruno, Market Beat
July 12, 2008
In a modern financial system, nothing is more frightening than a run on the bank.

The U.S. now has suffered through a series of them, and they are escalating in size and scope -- posing a serious threat to the already reeling economy.

On Friday, rumors swamped financial markets that the federal government would be forced to step in to aid mortgage-finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which together own or guarantee $5 trillion in U.S. home loans.

In Wall Street's version of a bank run, investors drove shares of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to 17-year lows, signaling a gnawing lack of faith in the companies' ability to survive rising mortgage defaults without government help.

Later in the day, regulators took over IndyMac Bank of Pasadena, saying the $32-billion lender had collapsed under the weight of bad home loans and withdrawals by spooked depositors. It was the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

Friday's events were felt around the world, knocking the battered U.S. dollar lower and driving up interest rates.

"This is a flare-up in the financial forest fire that is far beyond anything we've seen before," said Christopher Low, chief economist at investment firm FTN Financial in New York.

And it is triggering worries that would have been unthinkable even a year ago -- including that the U.S. Treasury's debt might lose its AAA credit grade because of heavy blows to the nation's fiscal health from the housing mess.

Just four months ago, many on Wall Street believed they had seen the worst of the credit crisis rooted in the housing market's woes. The collapse in March of brokerage Bear Stearns Cos., a key player in the business of packaging dicey mortgages for sale to investors, was the kind of high-profile calamity that historically has marked the end of financial crises.

Bear Stearns, too, was a victim of a devastating run on the bank, as many of its creditors suddenly stopped lending to the firm and investors dumped the company's stock.

Reacting quickly, the Federal Reserve took unprecedented steps after Bear Stearns' demise to make cheap loans available to loss-ridden banks and, for the first time, to securities firms. The Fed's moves helped restore calm to markets by April.

But by May, investors' focus had returned to the slumping housing market and the likelihood that banks and brokerages would face more losses on mortgage-related debt. Confidence in the stock market, and in financial institutions large and small, eroded anew.

Worse, the price of oil began a stunning climb in April that still hasn't relented. Crude prices closed at $145.08 a barrel Friday, up from $100 as April began.

Record energy costs, coupled with surging food prices, raise the risk that more beleaguered consumers could fall behind on their mortgage payments.

"These prices for oil and food, in an economy 70% driven by consumers, are just adding more strains to the financial system," said Tom Atteberry, a fund manager at First Pacific Advisors in Los Angeles.

As worries about the economy mounted in June, stocks went into another tailspin that has continued in July. Wall Street now is officially in a bear market -- meaning a drop of at least 20% in key stock indexes -- for the first time since the plunge of 2000-02.

The Dow Jones index, which fell 128.48 points to 11,100.54 on Friday, now is down 21.6% from its record high last year.

That's still a long way from the 38% dive the Dow took from its peak in early 2000 to its low in October 2002.

But there are some parallels between the 2000-02 period and the current one that hint at worse to come.

The stock market's crash in 2000 began with the bust in highflying dot-com stocks. This time, the decline began with the bust in home prices and its disastrous effects on every industry tied to housing.

In 2002, weary investors were hit by a wave of corporate accounting scandals that began with fabled Enron Corp. By the summer of that year, an extraordinary crisis of confidence had developed: Investors simply felt that they couldn't trust what many companies were telling them about their sales or earnings. Share prices dived further.

This time, the crisis of confidence is in the U.S. banking system. Because so many banks and brokerages lent heavily to fund the housing boom, the losses from the housing bust permeate the financial system to a degree few analysts had predicted.

As home prices keep falling, "anything tied to U.S. residential real estate is seen at risk," said Allen Sinai at Decision Economics in New York.

Fearing more severe losses than they've already suffered, investors in recent weeks have fled stocks of some of the nation's biggest financial institutions at a pace that has stunned Wall Street.

This week, investors turned on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with a vengeance.

Despite the companies' assurances that they have adequate capital cushions against surging defaults on the mortgages they own or guarantee, the market doesn't believe them.

For the federal government, that poses a quandary. Because of their size and importance to the mortgage market, it's inconceivable that Fannie and Freddie would be allowed to fail. But an outright takeover of the companies by the government, as some experts have suggested, could frighten foreign investors -- who are big lenders to the Treasury -- by, in effect, adding the companies' $5-trillion debt load to the Treasury's massive debt of $9.5 trillion.

Nationalizing the companies "would put the full faith and credit of the Treasury at risk," Sinai said. "It would make foreign investors think hard about buying U.S. Treasury debt."

The way you stop a bank run is to restore confidence. For Uncle Sam, the challenge isn't just to restore confidence among Americans, but also to make sure it doesn't evaporate among our foreign creditors.

Friday, April 25, 2008

ALERT! ALERT! National Level Exercise Begins In May [FEMA/NORTHCOM]

In a very interesting press release, it seems FEMA is going to conduct a National Level "Exercise" NEP 2-08. From past experiences we know that the Federal government has staged false flag terror events in the wake of military drills. 9/11/2001 was an example as multiple drills from the DOD, CIA, and NORAD were all taking place at the same time as all hell broke loose with the "terror plot" unfolding.

Alex Jones raised a red level emergency just last week, and this event certainly has all the pinnings of "heh, watch and listen" style news. Take a look at the information contained here and if you happen to be anywhere in the country where these "drills" are taking place, by all means please get out a camcorder and post the stuff to YouTube.

National Level Exercise Begins In May

Release Date: April 24, 2008
Release Number: HQ-08-063

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Exercise Program (NEP) will conduct National Level Exercise 2-08 (NLE 2-08) a combined functional and full scale exercise from May 1 through May 8. NLE 2-08 will merge the objectives of U.S. Northern Command's (NORTHCOM) Ardent Sentry 2008 exercise, FEMA National Continuity Program's (NCP) Eagle Horizon 2008 exercise (formerly known as Forward Challenge), and FEMA Disaster Operation's Hurricane Preparedness Exercise (HPE).

The purpose of NLE 2-08 is to exercise national capabilities to prepare and respond to multiple incidents including both natural disasters and terrorist incidents. The exercise was designed to include scenario elements addressing hurricane preparedness and response, national continuity capabilities, and Defense Support to Civil Authorities coordination in response to weapons of mass destruction terrorist attacks. The exercise venues involve a Category 4 hurricane impacting the Mid Atlantic Coast and the National Capitol Region and multiple terrorist attacks in Washington State.

Also during NLE 2-08, the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) will test it's response to an accidental chemical agent release at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Oregon. Canada will also participate through their Staunch Maple exercise.

The exercise allows Federal officials to implement continuity plans, test communications connectivity, operations and procedures for performing essential government functions from alternate locations, and interagency coordination. Additionally, it serves to demonstrate that essential functions can be effectively conducted during threats and emergencies.

NLE 2-08 is a NEP exercise conducted within the five year exercise schedule. The NEP is the nation's overarching homeland security exercise program, provides the federal government with a national, interagency wide program and a multi-year planning system to focus, coordinate, plan, conduct, execute, evaluate and prioritize national security and homeland security preparedness-related exercise activities.

FEMA coordinates the federal government's role in preparing for, preventing,
mitigating the effects of, responding to, and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made, including acts of terror.
Last years National Level Exercise was called Vigilant Shield.
The FEMA 2008 Newsletter is here.
Emergency Response by Wire has some interesting information.
HSEEP Website

The NEP Presentation and schedule can be found here and nep2. It outlines several directives and time schedules. It also mentions a program called "Able Warrior" "Eagle Horizon" and "Ardent Sentry" which needs to be investigated as well.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I am sticking to my Republican values

In the coming election John McCain was chosen by delegate count to be the presumptive nominee for the Republican party. Why do I say “by delegate count”? Since the beginning of this race the Republican party was split across multiple candidates. Of the major candidates with estimated delegates; John McCain (1325) Mike Huckabee (267), Ron Paul (21), Mitt Romney (255), Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter, and Sam Brownback. Many candidates dropped out before super Tuesday, including Rudy Giuliani, but they were still on the ballot. Giuliani asked his supporters to vote for McCain, Mitt Romney dropped out giving up his delegates (presumably to McCain), and then Mike Huckabee dropped out, effectively giving the remainder up to McCain. However, Ron Paul has not given up his campaign since he still has nationwide support and wants to get his message out.

The Republican values which keep me voting are for limited government, a humble foreign policy, conservative and balanced fiscal spending, more liberty, less taxes, less laws, less government oversight on my personal life and property, aggressive immigration policies, strict control over foreign entanglements like NAFTA/WTO/CAFTA and very strict constitutional values. How about you, does that sound like the Republican Party you belong to, or perhaps think it should be?

In the coming months as we head towards our national convention I encourage everyone to examine the principles of what the Republican Party should be .vs. what people think we stand for now. If I asked you today what our national, state and county Republican parties stood for I imagine there would be a lot of blank stares. The reason for this is because our Republican party has been torn a part by several candidates who all mostly had different leadership styles, and views of the Republican Party. There wasn’t any binding value except for the foreign wars we are still fighting. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who has been dead-set against these wars and out of control foreign spending to fund these wars.

As Republicans we need to hold our elected candidates up to our values, and we need to be the ones setting the agenda for our party, not the mainstream media. If you look back upon the 2008 race I see a bunch of candidates who had various aspects of our Republican values, but no candidates who had them all, except for one. The mainstream media kept Ron Paul out of most all news even though he is the most conservative member of Congress and fits all the requirements of the Republican Party values. This media black out was the primary reason hardly anyone in the country heard about Ron Paul enough to make an informed decision. The Republican Party membership itself was also very concerned about their individual candidates, and they lost sight of what the national party is about, and how we have won elections in the past.

Republicans have won elections by stating our most steadfast ideals, including a humble foreign policy, conservative spending, lower taxes, and limited government. This strategy has always worked (when applied) because that is most of what the people want. When Republicans stray from those values we lose elections, it is that simple.

Where do we go from here? We need to get the party back to these conservative values, and make sure our candidates know that these values are what we expect of them. We don’t have leaders in this country, we have representatives and statesmen. Our President is also an elected representative of the people, of our party, of who needs to be a staunch supporter of our party and values. That President needs to make speeches to these values, tell the public how he is going to achieve those goals, and what benefits the people will have once those goals are met. Otherwise it opens a hole for “change” or some other stupid idea from the Democratic leadership.

This is our party, we the people decide who gets to represent us in Washington, and we dictate what that person is going to do for us. I suggest we start asking McCain these questions, demand our Republican values are followed or he should step aside and let Ron Paul lead our nation with true Republican and lasting values. We do know what we stand for; we just need to be confident.

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done. -- Ronald Reagan

We had better make our destiny count. Get involved, speak, write and demand results. Our future literally depends on it.

If you can be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you can be told what to say or think. Defend your constitutionally protected rights, no one else will do it for you.

Friday, February 29, 2008

McCain: Conservative or Globalist?

The “Global Tax”, Global warming Carbon Tax, and other globalist agendas are not just reserved for liberals. John McCain has some extremely unsettling speeches. The people that are congregating around McCain are getting scarier and scarier.

It seems here that John McCain wants to yet again make another globalist organization like the UN. How is that going to help anything? We need to get rid of the UN and simply create world-wide trade partnerships which is what the Constitution was written to do. We need to start creating larger tariffs for incoming products and force a manufacturing base back into the United States.

Don’t get me started on the world-wide Bush cartel, but McCain is really bad news. What we really need at this point is for Ron Paul and Huckabee to do a lot better and perhaps we can get a brokered convention. If Huckabee drops out, then McCain will surely get all the delegates.

February 11, 2008

McCain: Conservative or Globalist?

posted by Linda

McCain speech on CFR website:

“We cannot build an enduring peace based on freedom by ourselves. Nor do we want to. The Declaration of Independence proclaimed our duty to pay decent respect to the opinions of mankind.”

“We should go further and start bringing democratic peoples and nations from around the world into one common organization, a worldwide League of Democracies.”

“This League of Democracies would not supplant the United Nations or other international organizations. It would complement them. … If I am elected president, I will call a summit of the world’s democracies in my first year to seek the views of my democratic counterparts and begin exploring the practical steps necessary to realize this vision.

… But if we are to lead responsibly, our friends and allies must see us as responsible nation, concerned not only about our own well-being but about the health of the world’s economy and the future of our planet.

…This is not idealism, my friends. It is the truest kind of realism. Today as in the past, our interests are inextricably linked to the global progress of our ideals.”

Read the full text at the Council on Foreign Relations website…

Our thanks to D. Stapp for the update.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

At least 17 shot in Illinois university class (AND related articles)

OK, so here is a Reuters article about the gun attacks at the University. Check out the legal brief next filed 2 days ago by a legal team trying to repeal the DC gun ban. The article at the end explains how todays shooting was the "...fourth at a U.S. school within a week." How "convienient" this attack happened today.

Thu Feb 14, 2008 6:52pm EST

By Andrew Stern

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A man opened fire with a shotgun in a crowded lecture hall at Northern Illinois University on Thursday, wounding at least 17 people before killing himself, authorities said.

Witnesses said terrified students, some of them bleeding profusely from neck and other wounds after being hit by buckshot, fled the classroom after the gunman began shooting seemingly at random from near the front of the room.

"Some girl got hit in the eye, a guy got hit in the leg," George Gaynor, a student who was in the hall told the Northern Star, the student newspaper on the campus.

He said "a skinny white guy with a stocking cap on" began shooting about five minutes before a class on ocean science was to have ended. Another witness said the man suddenly appeared at the front of the auditorium carrying a shotgun and perhaps another weapon and began firing into the audience and at the teacher.

Within two hours of the shooting police said the area had been secured. They said the gunman had killed himself.

"Campus police report that the immediate danger has passed," the Web site of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb said on its Web site. "The gunman is no longer a threat."

A hospital near the campus said 17 people had been treated for gunshot wounds.

One student told local radio that roughly 140 students were in the classroom when the man opened fire. Ambulances swarmed onto the 25,000-student campus, which is 65 miles west of downtown Chicago, and classes were canceled, the university said on its Web site.

One male student said he was sitting in the class, taking notes when the gunman entered from behind a curtain, firing a shotgun. "He was just shooting, and people were screaming."

Kristina Balluff, a student, said the gunman was dressed in black pants, shirt, and was wearing some sort of mask. He came onto the classroom stage, which is elevated above where the students sit, and began firing.

"I looked at this girl next to me and actually said, 'is this real?' I think the professor ... ducked out of the way."

U.S. schools and colleges have suffered a series of shooting incidents in recent years.

A university in Blacksburg, Virginia, Virginia Tech, became the site of the deadliest rampage in U.S. history in April last year when a gunman killed 32 people and himself.

(Reporting by Andrew Stern and Michael Conlon; Editing by Stuart Grudgings)

Gunman kills 5 in Illinois university classroom

BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb 12, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The Second Amendment Foundation has filed an amicus curiae brief in District of Columbia v Heller, the appeal of the landmark case that overturned the district's handgun ban on the grounds that it unconstitutionally violates the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Written by attorney Nelson Lund at the George Mason University School of Law, the brief has already earned praise of veteran Second Amendment authority David Kopel, who noted in remarks on a popular Second Amendment website, "If you want to read a model Supreme Court brief, this is the brief to read."

In the brief, Lund notes that the Second Amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms would remain even if the militia were disbanded.

"Our 48-page brief is tightly written, and it refutes the contentions by anti-gunners that the Second Amendment only protects some right of the states to maintain militias," said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb. "The brief, which can be read on our website at, gets right to the heart of this case. We also note that the opposition arguments are absurd, and explain why."

SAF's brief further reminds the court that "In liberal theory, the most fundamental of all rights is the right of self defense." It also notes that "the people" referred to in the Second Amendment "has always been a much larger body of individuals than the militia."

"Congress cannot abolish this constitutional right of the people by abolishing the militia," notes Lund in the brief. "Neither can the right be limited to contexts in which its exercise contributes to the functioning of an organized militia that Congress is not even required to maintain."

"While anti-gun extremists are beating drums about the downfall of civilization if the high court upholds the individual right," Gottlieb stated, "we believe that the time has come for the Second Amendment to take its place as the Constitution's insurance policy against tyranny and as our guardian against unjust laws that leave us defenseless against a growing criminal element."

The Second Amendment Foundation is the nation's oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 600,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

SOURCE Second Amendment Foundation

Copyright © 2008 PR Newswire. All rights reserved

Gunman kills 4 in Illinois university classroom
By Russ Britt, MarketWatch
Last update: 9:13 p.m. EST Feb. 14, 2008

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- A gunman opened fire in a crowded lecture hall at Northern Illinois University Thursday afternoon, killing four people and wounding as many as 14 others before he shot and killed himself, according to media reports.

The shooter, a thin white male dressed in black and wearing a stocking cap, went into Cole Hall on the campus in DeKalb, entered a science class through an emergency door and began shooting at students and a teacher, the Washington Post reported, citing accounts on a local radio station and in the student newspaper.

The 25,000-student campus, about 65 miles west of Chicago, was closed immediately after the shootings and classes were cancelled for the remainder of Thursday and all of Friday, according to reports.

NIU campus police chief Donald Grady confirmed the four victims' deaths following a news conference, Associated Press reported. The dead students and the gunman weren't immediately identified.

Brady said the gunman wasn't a student at the school and that police had no apparent motive, AP reported.

Grady told reporters the gunman apparently had a shotgun and two handguns, including a Glock, but that only one of the handguns was immediately recovered, the Post reported. He said the shooter, who appeared to have been acting alone, had not expended all of his ammunition, according to the Post report.

It wasn't immediately known if the four students died in the classroom or at an area hospital, nor was it known if any of the other wounded students had life-threatening injuries.
The university initially reported 18 students were injured, four critically, and taken to a local hospital, according to media reports. According to an alert posted on a university Web site nearly two hours after the shooting, eight of the victims were in stable condition and six others were in good condition.

The shooting occurred about 3 p.m., according to reports.

NIU was closed for a day during final exams in December after campus police discovered racial slurs and references to last year's shooting at Virginia Tech University scrawled on a bathroom wall in a dormitory.

In a Dec. 11 message to all students, NIU President John G. Peters said the graffiti was considered a "credible threat," the Post reported. "Events of the past several days remind all of us that community is more than a word, and that threats against a group are a threat to us all," Peters wrote.

Peters said school officials had ordered a police presence around all final exam sites after the campus reopened, according to the Post report.

In April, a student named Seung-Hui Cho rampaged across the Virginia Tech campus, killing 33 people before shooting and killing himself.

The NIU shooting was the fourth at a U.S. school within a week.

On Feb. 8, a woman killed two students before shooting and killing herself at Louisiana Tech in Baton Rouge. On Monday, a high school student in Memphis, Tennessee was charged with first-degree murder after he allegedly shot fellow student during gym class. And on Tuesday a 15-year-old was shot at a junior high school in Oxnard, California, and was later declared brain dead.

End of Story

Russ Britt is the Los Angeles bureau chief for MarketWatch.