Thursday, December 03, 2009

Predictions for 2010 - 2012

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you some predictions that I have for the next three years. I am not claiming that any of this is “thus saith the Lord”, but I submit this to you for your careful reflection and analysis. The writing is already on the wall as far as the beginnings of many of these things. This is more of an observation of current events and extension of them to their logical conclusions. There is nothing new under the sun and the law of sowing and reaping has not been repealed. -- John L Wadsworth

BUSINESS CLOSURES Just as last year was characterized by home foreclosures, and one could drive through neighborhoods and see many abandoned and foreclosed homes, dying lawns, and “for sale” signs, 2010 will see the same sort of phenomena appearing in the commercial sector. By driving around you will begin to notice more and more vacant and boarded up stores, closed small businesses, signs for vacancy in strip malls, empty buildings, etc.

GRASSROOTS PROTESTS Grassroots protests will occur, but will be marginalized by the mainstream media.

UNEMPLOYMENT WILL SOAR Small business and private sector jobs will suffer. Reduced hours and unemployment will soar. False, misleading, and irrelevant economic statistics will be released by the White House and the mainstream media in an effort to do damage control.

INFLATION will begin to manifest, continually rising throughout the next few years. Those with salaries anchored to the consumer price index will not receive raises fast enough to stay afloat financially.

EMPTY SHELVES WILL BEGIN TO APPEAR More empty shelves will appear in stores. Rather than there being more goods on the shelves due to a lack of buyers, there will be less good available, and it will begin to show in the shelf and aisle space in stores. This is the predictable result of central planning, Keynesian economics, Marxism, socialism, and the “takeover/bailout” philosophy. Those who have immigrated here from other countries will recognize this phenomenon as the fruit of corrupt government that has interfered in the private sector. Constitutionalists will recognize it as the fruit of the government breaking the compact that exists between “we the people” and the government. There will still be those, who with full support of the mainstream media will say the crisis is occurring because the government still does not have enough power and influence in the economy and that the government needs yet more control and more government programs are needed to rectify the crisis.

UNION GREED The last sector to be hit will be government jobs, the jobs of “first responders”, fire departments, cop shops, etc. Government employees will begin to be furloughed or get reduced hours and benefits, but rather than accepting this as their private sector non-union counterparts have already, they will strike and protest, considering themselves to be more important than private sector workers who have already tightened their belts. Greedy government workers’ unions will begin competing for the last remaining slices of the dwindling economic pie.

SCROUNGING FOR FOOD AND FORAGING People will be seen actually scrounging for food and foraging in and around urban centers. Homelessness will predictably increase, and manifest where it has not been present before.

RESENTMENT OF PAYING TAXES THAT ARE WASTED BY GOVERNMENT As inflation rises, the grassroots tax protest movement will become more and more mainstream. The people will realize that the only thing in the economy that can be characterized as “Astroturf” is the artificial economics compelled upon us by the government.

BLACK MARKET ECONOMICS The underground economy will become widespread, with what, in essence is a black market will develop for labor, goods, and services. There will be the “black market” price or rate, and the government price or rate. This condition is the same as that which occurred before the breakup of the Soviet Union and all its satellite countries.

WELFARE DEPENDENCE WILL INCREASE As unemployment rises and inflation reduces the purchasing power of those who still have jobs, more and more people will seek access to “government services” such as welfare and unemployment, many, while working in the black market, double-dipping just to make ends meet.

DISTRUST OF GOVERNMENT WILL INCREASE Public disapproval with the President and the Congress, and all politicians will reach an historic high.

CIVIL UNREST Civil unrest will manifest on a scale not yet seen in U.S. history.

TERROR ATTACKS Terror attacks will be carried out, but the government will take steps to deceive the citizenry and tell the people that everything is ok. Rather than taking common sense approaches to law enforcement, political correctness will impede our national security. The government will sell America on the idea that trading yet more individual liberty for “safety” is what we must do as American citizens, and that as a nation, we must give up our sovereignty and super-power status in order to be more safe in a “changing world”.

THE DOLLAR WILL FAIL AND THE U.S. WILL LOSE MORE OF ITS SOVEREIGNTY The U.S. dollar will fail as the world’s foremost “hard” currency. The White House will subjugate us to the U.N. in violation of our Constitution. The U.N. will insist on reforms concerning the American dollar, and will require either a new currency, or an official exchange rate, which they control. Alternative forms of currency and barter will begin to be used by many in various regions. This will only deepen the recession here in America, while the rest of the world has a small economic recovery before a larger financial implosion. An official exchange rate will provoke yet more black market activities.

INCREASE IN TAXES AT ALL LEVELS WILL RESULT IN LOWER REVENUES TO GOVERNMENT, with many self-employed and small business owners keeping two sets of books, one official, and the other one “black market” as they refuse to go along willfully with the plundering of their lives so that politicians can redistribute the hard-earned fruit of their labor. Many will adopt the practice of reporting lower earnings so that they actually qualify for government paybacks exceeding the amount they have paid in during the fiscal year (e.g. “Earned Income Tax Credit”).

WELFARE BENEFITS WILL INCREASE BUT WILL ONLY ACCELERATE AND DEEPEN THE DEPRESSION The government will continue to increase benefits to unemployed and the poor in an effort to secure votes and popularity. All this will be done at the expense of those still working, trying to survive through the fruits of their labor.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL TREATIES Treaties will be made which weaken the U.S. These treaties will be made by the White House, in full violation of the U.S. Constitution, which requires that Congress make treaties, not a man who has claimed extraordinary powers.

OUR SUPREMACY ON THE HIGH SEAS WILL BE CHALLENGED Our enemies will probe, weaken us, and out-develop us in reference to our Naval abilities.

THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE EMPIRE WILL CRUMBLE WHILE PROBLEMS MANIFEST AT HOME Many areas, we could characterize as the “outskirts” of the empire will no longer be fully supported by home.

SCAPEGOATING WILL OCCUR BY THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE DHS In a last gasping effort at retaining control of the power that was seized from the people, the White House will begin a movement to “scapegoat” a class or classes of people whom they will blame for the failure of their leftist and statist policies.

THERE WILL BE A CHRISTIAN REVIVAL Many will wonder if there is a God, and where He is, and will look for Him. Those in the church who have supported policies that are contrary to God’s word will either have to repent, or become irrelevant, as the seekers look for answers. The false premise that faith and politics or that faith and economics, or that faith and social policy don’t mix will be radically shaken. There will be a movement of principled lovers of liberty who understand how nations rise and fall in accordance with the promises of God’s word, and the people’s obedience or violation of His law and principles.

A REVITALIZED CONSTITUTIONAL MOVEMENT WILL EMERGE as people rediscover the simple meaning of the words contained in the Constitution and the limitations it places on Federal government and the many violations that have been made of this compact between “we the people” and the government. A clash will occur between those who yet still advocate for more government involvement in the lives of its subjects, and those who advocate for less government interference in the lives of its citizens.