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Dear Friends,

As Tom McClintock recently made mention in his speech to the House of Representatives concerning the Intolerable Act known as Obamacare, Cecil B DeMille asks in the following clip from the movie “The Ten Commandments”, “Are men the property of the state, or are they free souls free souls under God?

Also worth considering along these lines is the question “Who is greater? The creature, or the creator?” In the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, it is stated that “we the people” create the government by ordaining this Constitution. Our republic began with a government that was created by the people, with the intent that the creature (government) would exist to serve the creator (the people). The totalitarian abuse of power we are witnessing emerge before us blatantly and irreconcilably alters this relationship between the creature and the creator into one that presses the people in a role-reversal that is symptomatic of many of the societal ills that have been plaguing our nation now for decades, to the point that those at the highest level of government in this country behave and act like they have created us and like we exist to serve them. Please bear this in mind, that the creature is not greater than the creator. The altered relationship between the government of this nation and its citizens is just part of the “hope and change” that Obama intends to force upon us. If you value your freedom under God, then it is time to get involved in preserving the liberties that our Constitution guarantees us.

You need to understand that under the Maoist philosophy that Obama is becoming known for, people are the property of the state, and there is enmity towards God and His values.

The Constitution is on life support, and we the People need to come to its rescue. If you want to get involved, please contact me.

John L Wadsworth

District 5 Chariman

Contra Costa County Republican Party

Health and Financial Freedom

I wanted to jot down some notes on how to quickly get yourself healthier. The following health information will put you on the right track. The financial research information is to show you another side to the mainstream financial people out there. I also have a preparedness/survival section coming as well.

I will update all sections until I think they are complete.

Health and Diet

first, it talks about how to cure most "diseases" like diabetes, allergies, etc, in 60 days. All diet plans require ongoing maintenance and there are no "magic" cures.

THIS is the magical diet which puts all this stuff together.

HERE is the supplements page

You basically need all these supplements, ask about the Collogen.

The Expel is the soft colon cleanse, and VERY important. Take exactly as prescribed.

The Oral Chelation needs to be followed exactly as specified. These guys are over in Walnut Creek, so you may be able to get a better price there.

The Chelated minerals is your multi-vitamin

The Florabiotics, Digest-A-Meal, and Megahydrate help your body digest food better, and should be bought even after your diet. These simply help when you need to eat foods that are not raw and/or organicly prepared.

You can then supplement your foods with raw good treats from Whole Foods, including raw dairy which is extremely important for the diet. You have to stay away from pasteurized products of any sort during the diet. You have to stop drinking coffee during the diet, VERY important. You can have cold-pressed, organic fair trade coffee, filtered but NOT boiled. Boiled coffee created acid, and destroys the vitamins. You can't eat any processed meats, sandwiches, or at most restaurants. Check out Whole Foods or Trader Joes organic and uncured meats. Only restaurants which are raw food shops are allowed, like Cafe Gratitude. Stay away from artificial everything, including sweeteners. Stay away from white sugar and white flour products.

HERE is the multi-vitamin from Mercola, if you want to try something else after the diet

Cardio Renew is another chelation product recommended


Did I mention that YOU NEED TO STOP SMOKING!! I know there are smokers out there, and if you are not one then don't worry about it. This is a very important aspect of the diet. Smoking causes problems with the vitamins and absorption. If you have migraines the smoking will aggravate things too. If you have any physical problem inside your brain, the migraines may never go away, but there are naturopathic remedies to ease your suffering. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Go see a doctor, get some blood tests, see if there are any blood problems. Have them do a full panel, lipids, chems, everything.

Get a referral to an allergy specialist and see if you have any allergies. Use the blood test version, and have them check for everything including casein, wheat, soy, peanuts etc.

Health Subscriptions

GET this subscription, and you get his books too.

You probably want to browse through THIS website, and check out the books and papers that can be purchased.

Financial and News Subscriptions to invest in

Gerald Celente's Trends Journal
online only required

PeopleNomics, very important abstract journal

The International Forecaster newsletter, online subscription, twice weekly
You may be able to get this free, by buying gold from Midas Research

The Financial Times newspaper, online and paper subscription

Fortune Magazine, online and magazine subscription

Psychology Today magazine

Rock Creek Press subscription

WND Red Alert

CFR Foreign Affairs Magazine

Criminal Politics newsletter.
This guy is a little out there, but has solid information and a good investment history.
See if they have a multi-subscription version. These are really easy to pass out, just like Republic Magazine.

American Free Press
1 year subscription print edition + Bilderberg book + Online edition free upgrade

The Economist magazine
print and online

Vantage Economics newsletter

Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief

Republic Magazine
50 copy subscription to hand out

The New American

Freedom Force International Subscription
Get yourself one of these at $50/month or something

The Shape of Things to Come by Half Past Human
there are a total of 4 of these, and we should get all 4.

The ALTA report by Half Past Human
this is located at the same place. I was told these reports are usually only purchased by very serious investors and those people who have oodles of money to spend in not only reading the report, but want to place their money in places which will gather significant return.

Investment Category

The Weiss Elite Research newsletters (lifetime)

The Skousen High Income Alert

Supplemental Subscription I already carry and are good to have

Euro Pac Global Investor, free

Science and Technology Review LLNL

Wired Magazine
Really important to keep track of technology trends
damn, that bag looks nice!

2600 Journal (lifetime subscription)

Policy Analysis from CATO

Washington Technology Magazine

RAND Review magazine and online subscription

Saudi Aramco World Magazine

Reality Zone Newsletter

International Business Times (free)

Mainstream press
good to have to see what the sheeple get to read. I don't have any of these.
I just pickup at store when I can, but its sporadic.

Wall Street Journal Newspaper

TIME Magazine
US Edition

TIME Magazine
Europe Edition, if it can be delievered to US location

National Geographic Magazine + DVD subscription
highly controlled CIA publication, but important to read

Newsweek Magazine
US Edition

Newsweek Europe Magazine
Hopefully they let a US address subscribe

US News and World Report

AWAKE! The watchtower magazine by the Jehovah Witness crowd
online news, free

Meridian Morman Newsletter

LDS Living Magazine
keeping up with the Utah, food and disaster preparedness experts

Christianity Today Magazine

DVD Subscriptions

One Dollar DVD project
9 DVD's a month, or more

More supplemental world affairs magazines
I saw these at the magazine rack, and I am sure they contain things like policy papers these nut jobs all read

Infinite Energy magazine

Journal of International Affairs

World Policy Journal

Homeland Security Today magazine

Brown Journal of World Affairs

Journal of International Security Affairs

World Affairs magazine

No idea how to subscribe

National Review magazine

The New Republic magazine

The National Interest

Journal of Democracy

Preparedness Resarch
Preparedness Research comes next, after some sleep

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

List of Constitutional Violations in Healthcare bill

Posted on March 22, 2010 6:04:02 PM PDT by JimWayne

Article 1, Section 7 - All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.

First Amendment
(Establishment Clause) and Fourteenth Amendment (Equal Protection Clause) - [Quote: "Exempts from the coverage requirement individuals who object to health care coverage on religious grounds"]: Although the courts allowed the Amish not to pay Social Security tax, this bill would be different if it exempts the Amish and Muslims from participating in the system while forcing the Catholics to participate in it.

Article 1, sections 1 and 8
(Powers of the Congress) and Article 5 (Procedure to Amend the Constitution) - [Quote: "It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection."] - The quoted text effectively amends the Constitution and abridges the law-making authority of Congress. This has been done without two-thirds majority.

Article 1, Section 8 (Commerce Clause)
- The commerce clause grants rights to regulate interstate commerce, not intrastate commerce (health insurance is not interstate commerce since you cannot buy it across state lines). Secondly, not buying insurance is not commerce.

Fourth Amendment
- The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated

Fifth Amendment
- nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Tenth Amendment
- The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

OBAMAS INTOLERABLE ACT and this reprehensible usurpation and abuse of power

Dear Friends,

Here are some random thoughts in a bullet point format regarding the health care reform act. Please consider them carefully.

· Largest Federal funding of abortion in U.S. history, and while this may be a sacred cow to you, its life and death to me, and also worth fighting, killing, and dying for just as ending slavery was for some Americans in the 19th century. Even an aborigine knows its murder to go into the womb and end the life of a baby. Maybe that’s ok with you, but it’s not with me.

· A healthcare program that will be overseen by a healthcare czar (unelected, and accountable only to Obama). I wonder if this Czar’s moral system of values honors the sanctity of life as a gift from God, or as an asset to be managed for the progress of the state.

· The “public option” is a myth. This is an engineered monopoly by Obama, and the companies he has cut deals with.

· Transparency…There IS NO transparency. No – it’s NOT being debated on C-Span for all to see, as the Dear Leader promised us. Conclusion…he lied.

· The details of the deals Obama has made with various pharmaceutical and health care corporations, unions, and Planned Parenthood are not public, according to the Dear Leader.

· 16,000 NEW IRS agents will be the enforcers of this Intolerable Act. Well that’s great…Midianites, as far as I’m concerned (Read about Gideon).

· Illegal aliens will continue to receive coverage, just as they do now, but there is no mechanism to fine them for not participating in the proposed government-approved ( or more accurately party-approved) health care plan and pay their share.

· We will have to be in a plan THEY designate or we will be fined, imprisoned, OR BOTH (illegals, however, will not be fined or imprisoned for refusal to comply, …the laws that apply to illegal immigration aren’t even being applied NOW!).

· What ever happened to those feminist liberals of yesteryear who used to chant “keep your laws off my body”? Where are you now?? You have no principles, otherwise, you would be consistent with your feminist slogans, because NOW, this is legislation that really does affect YOUR bodies, not just the bodies of the babies you have killed.

· For the first time in U.S. history, the government is telling us WHAT product to buy upon penalty of fine or imprisonment, without the ability to opt out.

· Is Social Security solvent? How about Medicare? These are the two big milestone programs that Nancy Pelosi touted tonight. How are the U.S. Post Office’s financials? Ok, then…What would lead you or I to believe that they would manage this system any better? Besides that, why should the government be not only the regulator of this health care scheme, but also the middleman (can anyone say “cha-ching$$$$”).

· Read the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Its only one sentence long (for crying out loud!!). Is it too difficult to understand after reading this that Federal health care like this is not constitutional? Have you even READ the Constitution?

· This is a naked seizure of power by a leftist regime, and too many Americans are going along with it peacefully, perhaps because they are ignorant of the Constitution, perhaps because they are ignorant of history, or perhaps because they have abandoned their faith in God, or even worse yet, they have made God into a likeness according to their own moral stature and image, and can’t see Him as one who would protect the lives of the innocents, defend people’s liberty, and not tolerate money changing in the temple. That is the only thing that is transparent to me. What is involved here is power, money, the threat of fines or imprisonment, the forced compliance with the medical ethic of Maoists who admittedly want to reduce our population through abortion, sterilization, and elimination of those who oppose them.

· Nancy Pelosi, tonight bastardized the founding documents of our nation tonight, to the applause of power hungry Democrat statists, who probably didn’t know the difference.

Something like this has not happened before in American history. This is a bill that sponsors murder. It will kill more jobs than it creates and reduce employment drastically. Its immoral. Congress is exempt from it. We can’t afford it, and most of us would not want to buy it even if we could, but to compel us in this manner to participate in something so morally reprehensible to many of us, truly makes this an INTOLERABLE ACT.

Closing with a quote from James Madison”We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future…upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves, according to the Ten Commandments of God.” 1778



Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Remember the Russian analyst, Panarin?

Look at the map in this article:

Notice the number of states who are telling the national government where they can stick it. This is serious stuff. Montana is threatening to imprison for two years any Federal workers who try to enforce federal gun laws in that state. And you know what,? They are correct for doing it.



PS Some of the key phrases in this amendment are: NECESSARY, SHALL NOT, FREE STATE, INFRINGED, KEEP, RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE


JOE - Joint Operating Environment 2010

The attached report was recently released.

If you don’t have time to read it, I suggest you read the following article by Jerome Corsi, who comments on it.

I doubt the msm is going to cover this. It’s important to understand the times we are living in.


The deficit spending that is going on in Washington is now identified as a national security threat to the United States by our own top military planners. Not only is this type of stimulus spending unrighteous, since it taxes people who are not even born yet (so much for taxation with representation), but it is destroying our free market, capitalist economic system. Obama, and a number of his czars are on record for openly supporting Maoism (that is communism), which operates by a completely different, and centrally planned economy. This is not just an economic issue. Obama and those associated with him are trying to bring down the United States and replace it with a form of communism that is consistent with their radical beliefs. In the future they are trying to shape for us here on our own soil, many individual liberties will be a thing of the past, unless more people wake up, become knowledgeable, and take action now to preserve them.

The hope and change that is emerging in our own country involves centrally planned economics, centrally planned life spans, centrally planned abortion, centrally planned energy use, centrally planned thought policing, centrally planned firearms ownership, centrally planned education and indoctrination, centrally planned diets, centrally planned transportation, centrally planned banking, insurance, auto industry, etc. Centralized planning results in a proportional loss of liberty on the part of the citizens of this country, and it puts on the slippery slope towards totalitarianism. Our own Constitution does not allow most of what is now being planned centrally.

I never sent out my comments on Obama’s “state of the union” speech, but for the first time in such a speech, to my knowledge, he publicly scapegoated the Chief Justices of the Supreme court (which is an equal branch of government to the Executive), and the Congress (which is also an equal branch of government to the Executive branch). Please watch carefully this behavior of scapegoating groups of people. It’s been used often in the rise of totalitarian regimes and is a well established characteristic of tyrants, not public servants.

He also called for a “jobs bill”. This is just another name for yet another stimulus package.

Our own military planners also predict that we will not be able to keep up with China (again, I implore you to count the Maoists in the Obama administration). Our defeat is being engineered by those in office in our own country.

What the report will not say, but is certainly true is that Obama is a threat to our national security and our very form of government.



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Executive Summary: State fusion centers look to expand beyond counterterrorism efforts

Executive Summary
for those who believe Fusion Centers are only here to prevent terrorism

Shortly after the first fusion centers were established, federal and state officials realized two things. First, the fusion concept could extend beyond counterterrorism. And second, federal grants were a powerful force in shaping fusion centers.
“It was soon realized that the concept could be very valuable beyond the counterterrorism environment and that it would be very valuable across all crime types and all hazard types,” said Stephen Serrao, a former New Jersey State Police Counterterrorism Bureau chief and now director of product management at Memex, which consults in the development and management of fusion centers.
Serrrao said funding also fueled the shift. “State agencies realized there was money available for other kinds of initiatives that were not [counterterrorism], and they tried to harness that,” he said. “They could pool their resources to build these fusion centers if they were all-crimes, all-hazards centers.” For example, an all-crimes fusion center would qualify for grants aimed at gang crimes, whereas a fusion center focused strictly on counterterrorism would not.

In summary, DHS Fusion Centers are a federal spy control mechanism using federal dollars, paid by you, the American citizen terrorist. Local crimes are supposed to be handled by your local law enforcement. We now have a defacto national police force, jack-booted Darth Vader style uniforms, and fusion center goons patrolling our neighborhoods. This amounts to a tyrannical police state which is either setup in your area already, or quickly coming soon to a location near you. Congratulations America, your government loves you so much they want to micro-manage every aspect of your life and God-forbid you stumble in your life journey, you get slammed in the state pen. Home of the Sheeple, Land of the Slave.

Oh yeah, "License plate readers are one data source likely to be incorporated in the near future into fusion centers." are also talked about. Don't get me started on that one, its another story altogether.

Go to Operation DeFuse for more information.

State fusion centers look to expand beyond counterterrorism efforts

With data exchange models in hand, centers look to share other criminal information

Data isn’t information until you find a use for it, which requires connecting two pieces of data that might be insignificant on their own. For example, it might be unimportant that someone has enrolled in a flight training school unless that person is listed on a terrorism watch list.

That’s the principle behind fusion centers: Put data in a form that analysts can turn into useful information that contributes to improved decision-making. Fusion centers combine data from various sources — primarily federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, but also other repositories, such as driver's license databases — and make the information available through a single interface or, at least, in a single location.

The 2001 terrorist attacks and the intelligence gaps that allowed them to happen have played a significant role in the rapid expansion of fusion centers in recent years.

Related stories:

With fusion centers, privacy is a serious — and touchy — subject

Fusion center approach could be effective in other areas

NIEM ventures forth

“The primary mission of fusion centers is information sharing,” Robert Riegle, director of the Homeland Security Department’s State and Local Program Office, told Congress in April 2009. “Just as Congress and the 9/11 Commission have recognized, information sharing is vital to protect the American people and our institutions. The success of the national network of fusion centers is crucial to the department and to the states in achieving greater situational awareness toward the threats we face.”

Riegle said the way fusion centers combine and synthesize data from different sources turns them into force multipliers.

DHS and the Justice Department have driven the development of fusion centers. The departments have cooperated to establish guidelines for developing fusion centers, and they provide a variety of resources, including personnel and grants, to assist state and local agencies in setting up and operating fusion centers.

By the numbers, the impact has been dramatic. Bart Johnson, principlal deputy undersecretary at DHS’ Intelligence and Analysis division, said there are 72 fusion centers in operation nationwide, up from 38 centers as recently as 2006. DHS has deployed 39 intelligence offers to state fusion centers and more are in early stages of deployment.

Money Matters

Shortly after the first fusion centers were established, federal and state officials realized two things. First, the fusion concept could extend beyond counterterrorism. And second, federal grants were a powerful force in shaping fusion centers.

“It was soon realized that the concept could be very valuable beyond the counterterrorism environment and that it would be very valuable across all crime types and all hazard types,” said Stephen Serrao, a former New Jersey State Police Counterterrorism Bureau chief and now director of product management at Memex, which consults in the development and management of fusion centers.

Serrrao said funding also fueled the shift. “State agencies realized there was money available for other kinds of initiatives that were not [counterterrorism], and they tried to harness that,” he said. “They could pool their resources to build these fusion centers if they were all-crimes, all-hazards centers.” For example, an all-crimes fusion center would qualify for grants aimed at gang crimes, whereas a fusion center focused strictly on counterterrorism would not.

Serrao noted that many states were also trying to establish new emergency operations centers while fusion centers were in development. “It made perfect sense to marry up your fusion center to your emergency management system,” he said. “Basically, your fusion center is your full-time operation, and your EOC only gets activated with a large-scale event. That is the trend, and I think it makes perfect sense to go that way.”

Johnson said DHS supports the broader approach to state fusions centers. “Often, terrorism is supported by identity theft, smuggling and other ‘feeder’ crimes,” he said. “That’s where the majority of the fusion centers are right now, or heading that direction. When you have a chief need to show the mayor that not only am I helping protect the country, but protecting the local jurisdiction,” the center can prove its value.

Marty Zaworski, solutions director at Unisys, a provider of fusion center technologies, agreed. “What we’re seeing is that if you want police to come to the table, it has to transcend terrorism activity,” he said. “It has to be part and parcel with the fabric of what they do every day. What I see in fusion centers is these folks supporting the investigative process. My sense is that fusion centers are evolving as these things grow.”

Data Matches

The development of fusion centers has faced some significant challenges. First and foremost, the centers must overcome the practical challenge of integrating data.

“Even in the same state, you can have 500 police departments using different software to manage their [computer-aided design] and intelligence needs,” Serrao said. And generally that data is saved in different formats.

The first major step toward integrating data was provided by Justice’s Global Justice XML. Beginning in 2001 and working with other justice and public safety organizations at federal, state and local levels, the Global Advisory Group at Justice developed the Extensible Markup Language data model by analyzing about 16,000 data elements and reducing them to 2,000 elements that were incorporated into 300 data objects in the system’s dictionary. Released in April 2003, Global XML allowed agencies at all levels to store data in a form that other organizations could easily access.

The Global XML model was expanded with the development of the National Information Exchange Model, first released in 2006. Like Global XML, NIEM — developed jointly by Justice and DHS — is based on XML schemas for structuring data. But NIEM was designed to accommodate other sectors in addition to law enforcement.

“I do think that NIEM is the answer,” Serrao said. “It is certainly being used at all levels, from local law enforcement to state, county and regional.”

The federal government has pushed the adoption of NIEM by requiring most grant recipients to incorporate the model. And that has pushed NIEM into the private sector. “Now you’re beginning to see private-sector companies begin to incorporate those very standards into the products they produce,” said Gerry Wethington, vice president of homeland security, justice and public safety at Unisys.

Whose Data Is It?

An even more challenging problem for most data centers has been the management of data authority — that is, who controls the data when it is shared.

“There is a known issue of the loss of control of data once it leaves your domain,” said Shawn McCarthy, an analyst at IDC’s consulting group and a GCN columnist. “Once you start sharing data and it leaves your facility, data authority is difficult to establish.”

McCarthy said that although the federal government is experienced at maintaining authority over data it releases, many state and local agencies are not so adept. “The upstream piece — when it comes from state and local up to the federal government — is very fragmented,” he said. “Some states and large cities are very good at it. Some small towns and counties are not there yet.”

Mike Bosacker, commander of the Minnesota Joint Analysis Center, said data authority is an ongoing challenge for the center.

The first challenge is ensuring the accuracy of data. “The preferred method is that everything comes through a law enforcement agency,” Bosacker said. “Then it’s law enforcement data, and it has been vetted by a local agency. We do not take direct public reporting. If we get a report from some piece of critical infrastructure, we’ll reach out to the appropriate local law enforcement [agency] to make sure they are taking a report.”

But retaining control of the data also can be difficult. Bosacker said that in Minnesota, all data that is not part of an active law enforcement investigation is public information by law. That means that when the analysis center gets a request for data, staff members must check to see if the information is part of an active investigation. If it is, the center can only release the information to another law enforcement organization and not, say, to a fire department, unless there is a need to know.

However, Minnesota laws do allow active case data to be released to other law enforcement agencies even if they are out of state, and Bosacker said that after it leaves the state, the protections afforded by Minnesota law might not apply. “That’s another issue that has come up — the ability to protect data in other states,” he said. “That’s another gap in our law.”

McCarthy said one answer might be to include data authority information as a piece of metadata attached to any piece of data in fusion centers. “What is needed is overwriting sets of rules that exist beyond the database,” he said. But such a capability does not yet exist in fusion center schemas. “If you’re going to start trusting the data to go up into these fusion centers, that’s one piece that needs to be addressed,” McCarthy said. “I’ve been looking for someone to tell me that it has been addressed for about six months now. I have yet to come up with it.”

Road Ahead

Many people involved with fusion centers agree that their potential has barely been tapped. In part, that’s because the centers are relatively new, and many state and local agencies have not yet integrated their data into the fusion centers.

“Law enforcement data [in Minnesota] is pretty fractured,” Bosacker said. “Our issue has been trying to get agencies aware of who we are, what we’re looking for and how to submit things to us.”

Other analysts point to the potential of expanding fusion centers to include many additional types of datasets.

Serrao said information about corrections, probation and paroles has not yet been added to the mix. “As it turns out, it is a very important piece, especially with street gangs and other organized criminal activity," he said. "That is the next piece of information that is going to be broadened in the fusion center environments.”

Other prospective sources of potentially valuable data are sensors and cameras. Although there are already XML schemas for sensor data, they have not been incorporated into fusion centers. As a result, data from sensors and sources such as video feeds must be handled separately.

“One [goal] is the ability to get hold of sensor-type data — sensing wind, air quality," Wethington said. "And when you collect that type of data, it can help you make informed decisions. Also, there is a lot of public data out there: property records, etc. It is so pervasive. There is an eye to looking at that type of data.”

License plate readers are one data source likely to be incorporated in the near future into fusion centers. Zaworski said working groups are already talking about incorporating data from license plate readers into NIEM. “I think it’s an evolutionary process,” he said.