Sunday, March 21, 2010

OBAMAS INTOLERABLE ACT and this reprehensible usurpation and abuse of power

Dear Friends,

Here are some random thoughts in a bullet point format regarding the health care reform act. Please consider them carefully.

· Largest Federal funding of abortion in U.S. history, and while this may be a sacred cow to you, its life and death to me, and also worth fighting, killing, and dying for just as ending slavery was for some Americans in the 19th century. Even an aborigine knows its murder to go into the womb and end the life of a baby. Maybe that’s ok with you, but it’s not with me.

· A healthcare program that will be overseen by a healthcare czar (unelected, and accountable only to Obama). I wonder if this Czar’s moral system of values honors the sanctity of life as a gift from God, or as an asset to be managed for the progress of the state.

· The “public option” is a myth. This is an engineered monopoly by Obama, and the companies he has cut deals with.

· Transparency…There IS NO transparency. No – it’s NOT being debated on C-Span for all to see, as the Dear Leader promised us. Conclusion…he lied.

· The details of the deals Obama has made with various pharmaceutical and health care corporations, unions, and Planned Parenthood are not public, according to the Dear Leader.

· 16,000 NEW IRS agents will be the enforcers of this Intolerable Act. Well that’s great…Midianites, as far as I’m concerned (Read about Gideon).

· Illegal aliens will continue to receive coverage, just as they do now, but there is no mechanism to fine them for not participating in the proposed government-approved ( or more accurately party-approved) health care plan and pay their share.

· We will have to be in a plan THEY designate or we will be fined, imprisoned, OR BOTH (illegals, however, will not be fined or imprisoned for refusal to comply, …the laws that apply to illegal immigration aren’t even being applied NOW!).

· What ever happened to those feminist liberals of yesteryear who used to chant “keep your laws off my body”? Where are you now?? You have no principles, otherwise, you would be consistent with your feminist slogans, because NOW, this is legislation that really does affect YOUR bodies, not just the bodies of the babies you have killed.

· For the first time in U.S. history, the government is telling us WHAT product to buy upon penalty of fine or imprisonment, without the ability to opt out.

· Is Social Security solvent? How about Medicare? These are the two big milestone programs that Nancy Pelosi touted tonight. How are the U.S. Post Office’s financials? Ok, then…What would lead you or I to believe that they would manage this system any better? Besides that, why should the government be not only the regulator of this health care scheme, but also the middleman (can anyone say “cha-ching$$$$”).

· Read the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Its only one sentence long (for crying out loud!!). Is it too difficult to understand after reading this that Federal health care like this is not constitutional? Have you even READ the Constitution?

· This is a naked seizure of power by a leftist regime, and too many Americans are going along with it peacefully, perhaps because they are ignorant of the Constitution, perhaps because they are ignorant of history, or perhaps because they have abandoned their faith in God, or even worse yet, they have made God into a likeness according to their own moral stature and image, and can’t see Him as one who would protect the lives of the innocents, defend people’s liberty, and not tolerate money changing in the temple. That is the only thing that is transparent to me. What is involved here is power, money, the threat of fines or imprisonment, the forced compliance with the medical ethic of Maoists who admittedly want to reduce our population through abortion, sterilization, and elimination of those who oppose them.

· Nancy Pelosi, tonight bastardized the founding documents of our nation tonight, to the applause of power hungry Democrat statists, who probably didn’t know the difference.

Something like this has not happened before in American history. This is a bill that sponsors murder. It will kill more jobs than it creates and reduce employment drastically. Its immoral. Congress is exempt from it. We can’t afford it, and most of us would not want to buy it even if we could, but to compel us in this manner to participate in something so morally reprehensible to many of us, truly makes this an INTOLERABLE ACT.

Closing with a quote from James Madison”We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future…upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves, according to the Ten Commandments of God.” 1778



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