Wednesday, March 17, 2010

JOE - Joint Operating Environment 2010

The attached report was recently released.

If you don’t have time to read it, I suggest you read the following article by Jerome Corsi, who comments on it.

I doubt the msm is going to cover this. It’s important to understand the times we are living in.


The deficit spending that is going on in Washington is now identified as a national security threat to the United States by our own top military planners. Not only is this type of stimulus spending unrighteous, since it taxes people who are not even born yet (so much for taxation with representation), but it is destroying our free market, capitalist economic system. Obama, and a number of his czars are on record for openly supporting Maoism (that is communism), which operates by a completely different, and centrally planned economy. This is not just an economic issue. Obama and those associated with him are trying to bring down the United States and replace it with a form of communism that is consistent with their radical beliefs. In the future they are trying to shape for us here on our own soil, many individual liberties will be a thing of the past, unless more people wake up, become knowledgeable, and take action now to preserve them.

The hope and change that is emerging in our own country involves centrally planned economics, centrally planned life spans, centrally planned abortion, centrally planned energy use, centrally planned thought policing, centrally planned firearms ownership, centrally planned education and indoctrination, centrally planned diets, centrally planned transportation, centrally planned banking, insurance, auto industry, etc. Centralized planning results in a proportional loss of liberty on the part of the citizens of this country, and it puts on the slippery slope towards totalitarianism. Our own Constitution does not allow most of what is now being planned centrally.

I never sent out my comments on Obama’s “state of the union” speech, but for the first time in such a speech, to my knowledge, he publicly scapegoated the Chief Justices of the Supreme court (which is an equal branch of government to the Executive), and the Congress (which is also an equal branch of government to the Executive branch). Please watch carefully this behavior of scapegoating groups of people. It’s been used often in the rise of totalitarian regimes and is a well established characteristic of tyrants, not public servants.

He also called for a “jobs bill”. This is just another name for yet another stimulus package.

Our own military planners also predict that we will not be able to keep up with China (again, I implore you to count the Maoists in the Obama administration). Our defeat is being engineered by those in office in our own country.

What the report will not say, but is certainly true is that Obama is a threat to our national security and our very form of government.



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