Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health and Financial Freedom

I wanted to jot down some notes on how to quickly get yourself healthier. The following health information will put you on the right track. The financial research information is to show you another side to the mainstream financial people out there. I also have a preparedness/survival section coming as well.

I will update all sections until I think they are complete.

Health and Diet

first, it talks about how to cure most "diseases" like diabetes, allergies, etc, in 60 days. All diet plans require ongoing maintenance and there are no "magic" cures.

THIS is the magical diet which puts all this stuff together.

HERE is the supplements page

You basically need all these supplements, ask about the Collogen.

The Expel is the soft colon cleanse, and VERY important. Take exactly as prescribed.

The Oral Chelation needs to be followed exactly as specified. These guys are over in Walnut Creek, so you may be able to get a better price there.

The Chelated minerals is your multi-vitamin

The Florabiotics, Digest-A-Meal, and Megahydrate help your body digest food better, and should be bought even after your diet. These simply help when you need to eat foods that are not raw and/or organicly prepared.

You can then supplement your foods with raw good treats from Whole Foods, including raw dairy which is extremely important for the diet. You have to stay away from pasteurized products of any sort during the diet. You have to stop drinking coffee during the diet, VERY important. You can have cold-pressed, organic fair trade coffee, filtered but NOT boiled. Boiled coffee created acid, and destroys the vitamins. You can't eat any processed meats, sandwiches, or at most restaurants. Check out Whole Foods or Trader Joes organic and uncured meats. Only restaurants which are raw food shops are allowed, like Cafe Gratitude. Stay away from artificial everything, including sweeteners. Stay away from white sugar and white flour products.

HERE is the multi-vitamin from Mercola, if you want to try something else after the diet

Cardio Renew is another chelation product recommended


Did I mention that YOU NEED TO STOP SMOKING!! I know there are smokers out there, and if you are not one then don't worry about it. This is a very important aspect of the diet. Smoking causes problems with the vitamins and absorption. If you have migraines the smoking will aggravate things too. If you have any physical problem inside your brain, the migraines may never go away, but there are naturopathic remedies to ease your suffering. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Go see a doctor, get some blood tests, see if there are any blood problems. Have them do a full panel, lipids, chems, everything.

Get a referral to an allergy specialist and see if you have any allergies. Use the blood test version, and have them check for everything including casein, wheat, soy, peanuts etc.

Health Subscriptions

GET this subscription, and you get his books too.

You probably want to browse through THIS website, and check out the books and papers that can be purchased.

Financial and News Subscriptions to invest in

Gerald Celente's Trends Journal
online only required

PeopleNomics, very important abstract journal

The International Forecaster newsletter, online subscription, twice weekly
You may be able to get this free, by buying gold from Midas Research

The Financial Times newspaper, online and paper subscription

Fortune Magazine, online and magazine subscription

Psychology Today magazine

Rock Creek Press subscription

WND Red Alert

CFR Foreign Affairs Magazine

Criminal Politics newsletter.
This guy is a little out there, but has solid information and a good investment history.
See if they have a multi-subscription version. These are really easy to pass out, just like Republic Magazine.

American Free Press
1 year subscription print edition + Bilderberg book + Online edition free upgrade

The Economist magazine
print and online

Vantage Economics newsletter

Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief

Republic Magazine
50 copy subscription to hand out

The New American

Freedom Force International Subscription
Get yourself one of these at $50/month or something

The Shape of Things to Come by Half Past Human
there are a total of 4 of these, and we should get all 4.

The ALTA report by Half Past Human
this is located at the same place. I was told these reports are usually only purchased by very serious investors and those people who have oodles of money to spend in not only reading the report, but want to place their money in places which will gather significant return.

Investment Category

The Weiss Elite Research newsletters (lifetime)

The Skousen High Income Alert

Supplemental Subscription I already carry and are good to have

Euro Pac Global Investor, free

Science and Technology Review LLNL

Wired Magazine
Really important to keep track of technology trends
damn, that bag looks nice!

2600 Journal (lifetime subscription)

Policy Analysis from CATO

Washington Technology Magazine

RAND Review magazine and online subscription

Saudi Aramco World Magazine

Reality Zone Newsletter

International Business Times (free)

Mainstream press
good to have to see what the sheeple get to read. I don't have any of these.
I just pickup at store when I can, but its sporadic.

Wall Street Journal Newspaper

TIME Magazine
US Edition

TIME Magazine
Europe Edition, if it can be delievered to US location

National Geographic Magazine + DVD subscription
highly controlled CIA publication, but important to read

Newsweek Magazine
US Edition

Newsweek Europe Magazine
Hopefully they let a US address subscribe

US News and World Report

AWAKE! The watchtower magazine by the Jehovah Witness crowd
online news, free

Meridian Morman Newsletter

LDS Living Magazine
keeping up with the Utah, food and disaster preparedness experts

Christianity Today Magazine

DVD Subscriptions

One Dollar DVD project
9 DVD's a month, or more

More supplemental world affairs magazines
I saw these at the magazine rack, and I am sure they contain things like policy papers these nut jobs all read

Infinite Energy magazine

Journal of International Affairs

World Policy Journal

Homeland Security Today magazine

Brown Journal of World Affairs

Journal of International Security Affairs

World Affairs magazine

No idea how to subscribe

National Review magazine

The New Republic magazine

The National Interest

Journal of Democracy

Preparedness Resarch
Preparedness Research comes next, after some sleep

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