Friday, June 30, 2006

Jon Stewart on the 7 man Sears Tower plot.

"If you're going to wage a full ground war against the united states, you probably need more than seven people..." Hilarious

The premise that we have terrorism of this nature, by 7 dip-shits in a warehouse, by patsies like Tim McVeigh, or CIA assets like Osama Bin Laden are the unfortunate nature of the current state of fear in the United States. No matter what your religion or political sway is today you should understand that our world is slowly shifting towards a global elite and one world government. Take a look at,, and There is currently way too many news stories offering counter arguments to the False Flag operations in this country. Whenever something like this happens, just wait a few weeks and information will start surfacing about how the people involved were dim-wits, retarded, or perhaps tricked into thinking a particular way. If our government (in this case the FBI) creates entrapment scenarios for these types of people this trend will continue. All it takes is a small amount of effort to convince stupid people they are doing something important.

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