Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chinese Capital Shuts Down 18 Websites in Internet Crackdown

Beijing authorities have revoked the licenses of six Internet websites and temporarily shut down 12 others during a 90-day city-wide crackdown, state press reported.

OMG, did otherland just say "Reminds me to be grateful that I live in America where information is free from government censorship." Just as long as the information we post agrees with the current administration and powers that be. I am actually a registered republican, but can see where our current administration is totally off base with censorship of FOIA requests, public information, free speech, and dissenting opinions. Do we have an open government? Do we have the freedom to say what we want, within reason? Take a look at Fox news who continually tells us to shut up and drink the political cool-aid.

I so much want for this country to focus on community development, and its people. With so many wars, and the state of fear we are being forced into I don't see this happening. We are spiraling towards an abyss of great tyrannical proportions. Stop the madness!

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