Sunday, November 26, 2006

Police kill groom leaving bachelor party, give no reason for slaying

"Police haven't given a reason why they shot three men leaving a strip club attending a bachelor party. The men were unarmed and employees of the strip club said the men were well behaved. Reports say 4 shots were fired initially and then another 12 shots followed. One of the other victims is in critical condition, the other is listed as stable."

They were UNMARKED. The only reason the cars got rammed is because they probably blocked the escape of the vehicle with the four guys in it. If this were me, I would have thought I was being carjacked or worse. The cops should have taken our their flashing lights and put them up on the top of the car. Somebody should have yelled "police" or something. No shooting should have occurred.

I find nothing wrong with the police getting behind the vehicles and drawing weapons. They should have protected themselves, yelled to the guys in the car and waited for them to surrender. If they didn't, then there would have been a car chase through NY city, which is what radios are for.

It seems to me that in all the stories I read. cops are taking the "lets make provocative actions first" approach and then see what happens. This is a military style operation in where you create a situation and make the enemy fall for it in order to wipe them out.

People, this isn't some war field. Our cops need to stay cops, and our military needs to stay military, the two should not meet. Things will lead to very bad consequences if the two start using each others domain.

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