Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NPR Obtains U.S. Military Tapes - First Glimpse of Secret Gitmo Tribunals

"Audio recordings obtained by NPR provide the outside world with its first window into the secret world of military tribunals at the U.S. prison camp for terrorism. Lawyers for six of the detainees obtained the tapes of their tribunals under the Freedom of Information Act and provided NPR with copies of the recordings."

Heh, @pabster we stay here because this is out country. My family has lived here for at least 6 generations with various parts immigrating from other countries. This is America, you are supposed to fight for it, and keep it free.

The notion of "What makes a good American" seems to be fleeting for a lot of people, perhaps even yourself. If you question the government, ride their ass on all the asinine issues they pass as law, make them EXPLAIN why they do things, and make it totally unacceptable for them to make laws and do government business in secret, then you are upholding the Constitution and making our founding fathers proud.

Those citizens who don't question government, who just simply allow them to do whatever they want, don't vote and do research, and who allow governments to go through time un-checked and believe they are doing the best they can, are delusional and will eventually get dictatorship and tyranny.

You can only have it one way or another. Either the people run the government, or the government runs you, that's it.

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