Thursday, September 28, 2006

Response to Conspiracy Theorist Attacks

"Popular Mechanics author responds to attacks from 9/11 deniers concerning his book that totally refutes all the popular 9/11 conspiracy theories."

Follow the money, and it will lead you to the culprits. The Pentagon happened, the trade centers happened. The conspiracy theories that say otherwise are mostly out for people to use critical thinking, and understand what "could" have happened, and then arrive at a un-biased opinion. For those who say ALL conspiracy theories about 9-11 are bunk because a few of them are proven inaccurate by Popular Mechanics, then you are missing the point.

There are most definitely parts of the stories which are true; there is most definitely facts which are missing from the public record. There are most definitely facts which are being covered up by the government. Most crimes have elements which never reach the public, because law enforcement needs to have the upper hand while investigating the crimes. There is also the element of CYA, in which facts will be buried simply because you don't want to look like an idiot. Then of course are the small numbers of facts which are buried purely out of a need to run your own secret agenda for the future.

It is clear this administration has capitalized heavily on 9-11. I don't think that will change. Documents coming out of PNAC clearly pointed to a catalyzing even like a "new Pearl Harbor" so, go figure. We don't have all the information, but just follow the money, which in fact is power.

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