Thursday, September 28, 2006

The 9/11 Tinfoil Hat Brigade

"I GET several e-mails from 9/11 conspiracy theorists every week, usually typed in all capital letters with minimal punctuation and maximum sputter. Here's a typical message I received last Tuesday: "It appears you are not a believer. So, I have only one question, perhaps, but doubtfully, you can answer. WHY DID BUILDING SEVEN COME DOWN?""

You do realize that the United States and Britain assisted in the creation of Al Qaeda right? Just Google "mujaheddin+Russia+CIA" and "osama bin laden+disillusioned". The articles show an $8 billion dollar funding for the Afghan/Russian war. We funded the Afghan rebels, and then once the country was decimated 10 years later in 1992 we walked away.

Afghanistan was never rebuilt, and it fractionalized the country. The radical "fundamentalist" techniques taught to the mujaheddin are used by Osama when moving forward. This radical branch of Islam would then go onto the many terrorist events which are documented, like embassy bombings, etc. The Taliban took over, and we funded them too. It's really all about oil and corporate greed.

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