Friday, September 29, 2006

4 students wear the same outfit, then suspended

"4 girls who wore the same outfit on the same day were all suspended for violating school rules. The principle has declined to say which rules were broken."

JoJo you have a good point, and I respect your answer. Except, we DONT have to "deal with it". What we need to do is become activists for the right way. We need to turn our schools around and not allow crap like this to happen. If you have known gang members at your schools, then throw them out. If I were a headmaster, I would be tough. Yeah, I know it is most likely harder than it sounds. But look at it this way, if we don't get tough and force crime out of the schools, then nothing good will ever come from our educational system.

I for one am not willing to sit back and allow this to happen. If there are problems at the school, then we need to meet them head on. We need to really re-visit the whole "zero-tolerance" policies also. We need to start looking hard at intent, and rehabilitation. These are kids growing up, we can't throw the book at them on the first offenses they commit.

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