Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Schools banning Myspace because its "everybody's nightmare"

Schools say Myspace has become a "everybody's nightmare" Is it a virtual hangout for millions of American teenagers, like a sprawling electronic shopping plaza, or a magnet for sexual predators and pornographers?

Why does everyone, especially the media need to over inflate the problem. Myspace and any other situation you child is associated with needs to be understood. As a parent always know what they are doing, who they are with, and create an open forum for feedback. Yes, in reality teenagers are defiant, come on we were all there once, but you are still a parent, so just work through it.

Some websites needs to be blocked, and kids are all different. Maybe some kids abuse certain privileges more than others. Some kids are more mature sooner, and some later. It is all about knowing your child and what is best for them. I have looked at myspace, and there are certainly a lot of people posting nasty things there. I may block the site based on that alone. As for social networking, there are lots of ways to let your kids meet others online safely. During these formative years, they should be meeting local friends in real life anyway. Online is to keep in touch, not to replace relationships.

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