Tuesday, March 14, 2006

You Can Click, But You Can't Hide!

What happens when a site is shut down by the MPAA?

You know, I am really sorry guys. The act of downloading something just isn't illegal. If I own a legit copy of something, and I want a digital version of it, or perhaps the copy which I am downloading I already own the rights to view that download. I have a vast collection of movies and music. I just don't feel like always burning copies for myself, so I find music on the net, and even movie media which is already converted to something like xvid or whatever. It makes easy storing on a dvd for like several movies. I can use them to travel, etc.

How is it that the MPAA knows how everyone uses this technology and downloading? They DONT. They need to find other ways to shut down full on piracy of movies. It isn't the downloading, it is the direct distribution which you get busted for. Download all you want, there isn't anything illegal about this as long as you don't break in somewhere to do it. Public files are public files, plain and simple.

If they said something like "Host a download site, and you can't hide" might have more merit. Otherwise they are just blowing smoke up our butts, and trying to intimidate us. How on earth do they expect any respect for this? Why do I want to buy movies anymore?

Dang, I just keep my meager Blockbuster subscription and screw the MPAA. They don't see but a few cents from that subscription, because Blockbuster already bought the movies at a premium. Netflix the same thing. I haven't bought a movie in a while, and certainly would only buy something like a Star Wars or other huge blockbuster movie. Anything of a smaller release, or maybe marginal content, I will only use my subscription for this.

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