Monday, March 06, 2006

This Day in Apple History March 6, 1984: Gates Predicts Mac Dominance

"If Macintosh isn't a success then the market is left to the PC. But we're super enthusiastic. If Apple can meet its production goals, we expect half of Microsoft's retail sales to be Macintosh related in 1984."
Bill Gates's super quote was published this month in Popular Science in 1984.

@johnnyshuteye2 so true, it reminds me of the ill-fated dr-dos licensing mistake with IBM. It really comes down to who had the vision, and who would take the bait. Bill Gates was in the exact perfect spot when all this was going down. If any other combination of events took place, Bill would still today have Microsoft at the forefront of software, but not leading the O/S race. Regardless of what you say about Bill Gates and Microsoft, they just make the decisions which others neglect. They also buy those important businesses which will make Microsoft have even more domain knowledge.

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