Thursday, March 02, 2006

Paying Credit Card Triggers Homeland Security

Another example of your lost rights under the guise of homeland security. Homeland Security has to be notified if you try to pay too much on your Credit Card. Sick.

Yeah, but here is the really stupid thing...They should have let the amount be paid off, because it tipped the user that something was wrong. If in fact we as a country want to be secure, then you cannot tip off the people you are spying on. Realize that I am coming from a security background, not common sense here.

That said, I think this is a little over the top. Maybe a phone call to your good customer to ask why. If they were recent customers, then maybe an alert. It sounds like this family were long-standing customers, which means they have a credit history. There should be no cause for alarm in this case.

The people who are making the decisions about how banks and other entities should be run, has better do a better job. What would happen if this was an actual case of someone paying off their cards prior to bombing some place? Then they would have known they were under investigation and re-planned what they were going to do, and go under cover or something.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that's really a weird method of observing some suspicious customers, tipping them off. Some reasonable measures should be taken here. You're right, under cover observation is probably, one of the best ideas.