Sunday, March 05, 2006

The First Web Browser

Screenshot of the first web browser ever made!

+digg because it reminds me of all the patents relating around the www. I bet tb-l has some hot things to say about all that. Come on, inventing the web, and then having people yank it into an unusable commercial space? Cheers to tb-l for creating the web and making the world a better place!

I remember the early days of the CERN browser. It was so exciting running Chameleon tcp/ip on DOS and testing out these "great new" software packages. These very technological advancements are what kept me interested in computers.

My hats off to all those involved with CERN, Netscape, Prodigy/IBM, Telenet, NETcom, and even AOL for making the Internet manageable. All these companies (even AOL initially) made it possible for people to get online.

I have to mention Silicon Valley Public Access Link as well. which could have been the greatest access medium here in the Bay Area. We were at the fore-front of getting Internet access to people when access was just text based.

Cheers to all those techs and geeks, and visionaries who made the Internet a reality.

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