Thursday, March 02, 2006

Middle School Suspends 20 for looking at offensive MySpace AT HOME

Some parents questioned whether the school overstepped its bounds by disciplining students for actions that occurred on personal computers, at home and after school hours.

Another example of our public dollars at work. Where were the parents here? It seems to me this boy who wrote the comments is pretty whacked. He needs discipline in a lot of areas, but probably not computers. I think myspace should be applauded for bringing out this boys real trouble. If it was not this forum, maybe something drastic would have happened.

Schools should NEVER be allowed to intrude into the private lives of our children. At best they can send letters, and have parent teacher conferences. When at school, our kids are theirs, at home they are ours. Lets never give that up, fight, fight, fight until that is made perfectly clear. If this was my boy, I would have fought the school to then end on privacy, but get counseling for my child.

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