Monday, March 06, 2006

Microsoft says Open 10 years behind!

According to Microsoft, there are very good reasons for people to pay $500 or more for Microsoft Office as opposed to paying nothing for a copy of Open Office 2.0.

There is a lot of comments here, please read them. My personal views are that Open Office is a good concept, and should continue making pressure on Microsoft Office. For the moment, MS Office is still better. The Excel is better, Word has more features, and the other software included does offer value, including Frontpage.

Some of the links included are media kits only. Any legit fully licensed copy of pro is going to be around $275-$350 US dollars, never too much less. I think I saw one for $221, but that's it. Other than that, you can get used, but make sure the license comes with it. I bought the Micro$oft Action Pack which gives me 10 copies of most everything Microsoft has, and a couple copies of different servers (including lifetime updates), for a perpetual update fee of $299/yr. Action Pack is like a mini Enterprise agreement, and you don't spend a crud load of money up front, or when updates come out. They ship them to you automatically every quarter.

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