Friday, March 24, 2006

Net Neutrality Nonsense

For the past few weeks, my partner in crime, Preston Gralla, has bombarded you poor folk with his diatribe on Net Neutrality. He's referred to AT&T and other carriers as running a " Soprano-like business model". He's warned you how FCC chief Kevin Martin's interpretation of Net Neutrality was "far too narrow."

This is a very well written article, and will make you think about the issues at hand. I agree in principal to what this guy is talking about. QOS should have some premium, but not ripping off the consumer. The flip side to this, is that we do not want to degrade service to anyone, because we have built in qos in the mix. Even Whitacre said he will not degrade service to anyone. I believe the telcos mean they will be increasing the bandwidth again, in order to provide better qos to those who pay for it. Therefore, if you make a VOIP call and a gamer is down the street, BOTH of you will have the bandwidth you need. This article is going to really make me re-think my views on NN. I also believe the Telcos have ripped us off, and misled the government over the past 6 years by stealing money and not delivering fiber to our door. We should never forget that the big Telcos only care about profit, and will use their lobby capability to achieve that end at any cost.

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