Thursday, March 16, 2006


It seems that at least one HR department at a large company has been sent a letter from the DOD asking to identify the number of national guard personnel in said company. The question I have is, doesn't the DOD know this information? They should even know the general location of the country they are in too. Here is the general idea of the e-mail from the DOD.

The company got a letter from the Office of the Secretary of Defense requesting the number of Guard or Reserve employees in our organization. Each employee does not have to provide this information. If they would like to voluntarily identify themselves as either a member of the National Guard or Reserve, please advise us via e-mail at your earliest convenience (if possible by Friday, March 17). Please note that names will not be provided to the government, only the total number of employees who identify themselves. This information will not be kept in any personnel file and will be used for no purpose other than responding to the above-mentioned request.

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