Thursday, March 23, 2006

You Tube Craze Making Industry Uneasy

Music labels, film studios and television bosses are now cracking down on the site, and others like it, amid fears they are becoming a virtual breeding ground for pirated material.

+digg for this comment. YouTube and others are only making people MORE interested in this content. I have people cc:ing me on Youtube stuff all the time, and I want to see more of it (the interesting stuff). Why would that be a bad thing for these media companies? Why, because they want 100% control over the market, even on the hobbyist, or casual user. This is ultimately a sign of demise for the industry, in its current form. When you remove the ability or interest of someones freedom, even in entertainment, you remove desire. Entertainment is purely an aspect of freedom, otherwise we would be computers, never interested in entertainment. On the current path, or society is going down the road into boredom, which breeds crime, which in turn breeds paranoia, which means the government takes more control, which means...(oh crap, hasn't this happened already?)

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