Tuesday, February 28, 2006

RIAA victim makes motion to dismiss

One of the defendants in the RIAA's latest rounds of copyright extortion has filed a motion to dismiss in the state of Texas on the basis of their predatory litigation tactics and the unconstitutionality of seeking damages of $750 per $0.99 cent song, among other things.

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? The RIAA needs to really step back and understand what it is doing to itself. They keep digging themselves into the largest hole I have ever seen. All the while they are trying to hold onto a legacy business model which folder as soon as iTunes opened its doors.

How many times has the RIAA had the opportunity to make deals with online music outfits, and P2P networks? Has the RIAA ever considered opening up a collaboration wing and play the Internet like everyone else? Do they realize it could reap huge dollar value?

If the RIAA sunk as much money as they spend on litigation, but into online technology, R&D, and a sure-fire community effort, they would be making hand over fist dollars as sure as Apple is at iTunes. Come on, the RIAA already makes huge profits off of iTunes in the first place.

Don't start crying about slowing CD sales, when CD's are not the thing any more. It's like complaning that tape sales, or vinyl record sales are slow now. duhhh.

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