Saturday, February 18, 2006

Acceptance instead of Tolerance. Goes for more than just religion.

I found this article incredibly written. It quotes that acceptance should be our goal, NOT tolerance. I feel this applies when talking about DRM, RIAA, DMCA, blogging, myspace like sites, digg like sites, free speech, and other such corners of our lives.

Why should we as a people settle for our Government, lawyers, politicians, big corporations, lobby groups, and others persuade us that thier way is the only way? Why is there so much illegal in the United States when talking about legacy corporate business models. Yes, this applies heavilty to the USA, but there are certainly applications for other legal systems also.

It seems to me that we need to accept the fact that we all do things differntly, and building off those differences is what will make us a great nation. This continual barrage of corporate scrutiny, which in turn gets willfully written into law is unacceptable. We are the people making the laws. Those who are in power and influance need to remember what makes communities great is our differences. My goodness, if we were all the same it would be way too boring.

I encourage everyone to step back and look at your company and how it is managed. Yes, we want our companies to make a profit, but at the expense of our freedom and future? Look at our government for those who work there, and apply the same principles. Those who work at home, review how you run your home and how you are raising your children. My kids will detest the world in which they grow up if we do not do something to change what is happening.

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