Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Student arrested for deadly F5 attack

Lake County High school senior has been charged for linking to his school website (http://lake.stark.k12.oh.us/hs) and telling people to hit F5 multiple times, No word about survivors. This is a crazy story, which will really get you thinking. Do our district attorneys really have that little amount of knowledge on how the Internet works? Are they really out there gunning for people who even jay walk on the Internet? This goes well beyond public service people. A felony conviction would cripple this Senior for life. Yes, if there was an actual crime worthy of a felony I could see it. This is simply a misunderstanding on how the Internet works, and some misplaced words on the part of the author in this case. If you have the ability to ever teach our public servants about the Internet please do it right. We should all make it our goal to see technology flourish. By swatting down all new technology, and making crimes of things we don't understand we will limit our methods of technology dominance. Do we have technology dominance now? Maybe, bust most likely we are the people who just have the Silicon Valley to our names. There are so many other places in the world where technology is having a tremendous boom. Lets make our nation the best at harnessing what we are good at. We also need to put checks and balances in so our slow government doesn't get overly excited about new things. Change is good, lets embrace it!

<this story has been subsequently removed from the internet>
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