Monday, February 27, 2006

What would happen if everyone drove the speed limit on highways

5 cars line up on the highway and run at the speedlimit blocking faster traffic. Chaos ensues.

You must absolutely check this video out. We all know this is the case, but nobody ever does anything about it. Sure, some areas of the country are at 65 MPH now, but it that really a sane speed limit? I would make a fair guess that there are way too many places where the speed limit should be changed, but there is just not enough people to make it happen.

We all want a smaller government, but I say lets have a smarter government. Does that mean more people, possibly, but more than likely it means we need to seriously look at the way we work day in and day out with our government and make them more efficient.

It can be done people, lets make it happen.

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