Thursday, December 21, 2006 blacklists Stewart Best Productions. [Iron Mountain]

" blacklists Stewart Best Productions. A video production company who is selling copies of Iron Mountain, Gateway to Hell, and other such titles has entered a mire of legal hassles with concen's site owner. SBP cares more about profit than freedom. Stewart Best sells videos relating to the New World Order and such."

Everyone has to make a profit, but lets be real. Trackers providing topic specific torrents BOOSTS sales. Just talk with the "Corporation" owners, they asked to get back on the torrent after they realized sales needed a boost. What most of these companies don't realize is that site trackers, search engines, Google video, YouTube and others actually encourage sales.

Beasts like the RIAA and MPAA are among the worst corporate entities to put the very people out of business which could have saved their sorry asses from bankrupcy. Instead they depend of legal lawsuits to intimidate people who cannot possibly afford retaliation.

Companies like Stewart Best Productions may just in fact have bitten off more that they can chew. Conspiracy Central's site owner is suggesting a complete boycott of SBP. Please read the URL link at for more information.

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Anonymous said...

When are companies like this going to realize ..People will pass things around share and make copies

The Best solution [pun intended] is to offer affordable downloads in varying bandwidth options.. with the increasing speed of the web
The option to watch a decent quality lower bitrate encode of a video for a nominal fee is going to be big

I know lots of people who are now opting to download Mp3s for a small fee which is all profit to the companies less the small cost of bandwith

Mr Best should know the World is changing and change with it

Mr best has a new video and while $47 bucks may seem like a great deal to a guy who owns a production studio

I assure you it does not to many many people struggling to survive as the U.S. plunges into an economic abyss

I shure would love to download a 600mb copy for few bucks

But I cant

Guess I'll wait untill someone uploads it to google video and watch a crappy copy for free