Saturday, December 09, 2006

Freedom is Not Compliance with the Govt: They're the Gun & You're Screwed

"When the police come to arrest you, you will be severely discouraged from acting in self-defense, despite the fact that their actions are identical to a "home invasion." When the policemen break your door down, if you pull out a gun to protect yourself, you will very likely get shot. Even if you do not get shot, your prison stay will be greatly extended."

@AngryRepublican There are so many things wrong with your statement, I am not quite sure where to start. First of all, police have many times stormed into peoples houses for right reasons, mistakes, and sometimes wrong reasons. Sometimes they come in without knocking or something the search warrant is a "knock and announce" version. However, in either case there is not ample time given to a citizen to properly determine if they want to open the door, or in some cases the home owner may not even hear the police announce themselves. If you are prepared for a home invasion, then why not use force?

When entering a house police should automatically assume they are going to be met with gunfire, and the homeowners should also expect gunfire in return, because that is what an armed gang of thugs would do anyway. For instance, the old lady in Georgia who got gunned down actually fired and hit all three cops before getting gunned down herself. Her only problem up til the point of getting killed, was not providing enough cover for herself in the first place.

I personally choose not to have guns in the house, but that is probably a mistake. I have three small children and a wife to protect. My only saving grace is that I am in a good area, and good part of town, I am lucky.

"I have no reason to believe that they would pay their taxes were it not for eventual threat of force" Well guess what, that is exactly what the federal government wants you to believe also. The Federal income tax is actually an illegal tax brought about by the central banks (Federal Reserve) which spawned the IRS. Take a look at "Freedom to Fascism" and you will get the bigger picture. The United States Constitution and federal code allows for taxes on gains and profits derived from a business, but taxes in labor is not legal. In fact, please show me the actual law stating that we have to file a 1040 or pay an income tax on labor. There is no such law anywhere. Even in the tax code no law is referenced. State income tax is different, as the constitution grants states to collect income tax on labor, but not the federal government.

If you fight filing a 1040 or the labor tax you will actually win your case, because there is no law. The problem is, the guns. They will attempt to take your house, attach your wages, physically harm you, send you through a tax court (and not a legal court), and all kinds of other games. If you actually can put up with that, then you have a pretty good chance of winning. Many people fight the federal income tax and many people win.

Being an anarchist means you don't want any government at all, and let the people govern themselves. Well, even the old wild west had a sheriff to "keep the peace". Those of us who actually want to follow constitutional law, and have our federal government keep the peace and take care of things like money, etc. really do want government, but just the way our founders intended. This is a constitutional republic, but that is not what our current government is acting like. We need some pretty radical changes.

For starters, we need to abolish the "Federal Reserve" which is just a bunch of privately controlled banks anyway. We pay them interest on money which they print in the first place. We then need to get rid of the corporate lobby. No lobby for money, that is the best policy. Lobby for principles and ideas, but when money gets involved it is no longer political but for profit. By accomplishing the last two items we would then not have a government capable of spending 4 trillion dollars (and then losing it) on defense relating spending. We would not be spending almost a billion dollars a day on foreign policy amounting to not much more than invading other sovereign nations.

We can actually take back this country for the people. We just need everyone to think they really own the country, and give a darn about it.

@AngryRepublican since you obviously think low of the Lewrockwell author, and obviously disagree, how would you make our government better? How can we remove profit motive from politicians, and how can we eliminate all kinds of gross overspending in Homeland Security, FEMA and the defense department. Do you think everything is great, or can there be improvements?

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