Friday, December 29, 2006

Digg bans!!!

"I can understand blocking spammers and other that abuse Digg, WTF could have done?? Tell Digg you're not going to take it, digg this story!!!!"

For whats its worth,, and other Alex Jones sites are NOT spam. If you actually do the research and take a few minutes with the news he posts, its pretty incredible. The MSM seems to never post articles which point away from the mind control we have grown accustomed to. For instance our economy is doing well (huh?), or we should invade other countries because it makes peace (or freedom), or large multi-national corporations which are built around a pure profit motive will somehow help the common man. Read up on fractional reserve banking, and then watch "America: Freedom to Fascism".

You know what the really big problem in this country is? We don't teach our children any of these topics. We don't teach them the real history of the world, or how governments interact with their citizens. We don't get taught that tyranny is the normal governmental control out there, and freedom is something which takes work and is really, really hard to keep around. We have to be vigilant, and not be spectators in our own government.

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