Friday, December 08, 2006

Feds disrupt terror attack?

"ABC News has learned a Chicago-area man has been charged with plotting a terrorist attack. Sources say the man is accused of planning to use firearms and explosives to attack a specific mall in Rockford, Ill. The alleged plan was to target this mall during the holiday shopping season."

It sounds to me like this is one more guy who wants to commit CRIME in America. It also seems to me that all crime is turning into terrorism. We are so paranoid of the "terrorists" down the street that we can't think straight when a normal low life criminal walks in.

There are no terrorists "defined as agents working for another government or group who wish to change the course of our political structure" working here. There may be wack jobs who want to threaten people, and certainly criminals who will kill you for your purse. However, the real terror in this country comes from the media and government who over-hype situations and make us think there are terrorists under every stone.

Just recently I saw a news article about a college student who was minding his own business and running between classes ON CAMPUS, and was thrown to the ground and interrogated by an ATF agent who also just happened to be on campus (digg story). What are we coming to? Can't college kids run across campus anymore without the fear they "look suspicious"? How about local law enforcement becoming para-military tribes?

We need to seriously step back and review the police state we seem to have gotten ourselves into. It doesn't serve anyone any good (at least citizens) to be on such an edge all the time. Terrorism should stay the object of international foreign policy, and crime the domain of local law enforcement. We need these greedy internatioal companies to stop being given the chance to become larger and more dangerous as well. Our civil liberties and even safety are being eroded in front of our eyes as we speak.

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