Monday, December 04, 2006

9/11 Photos taken from air by Russian pilot

"Here is a shocking story of a Russian pilot, now living in the USA who was in the air 11th September 2001 and have taken photos from the air when the second plane hit the WTC."

We are not moving anywhere. I personally love this country, and it is our duty to stand up and demand answers and make the government accountable. That means about facts relating to 9-11, the commission, reasons for Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The 9-11 commission itself stated that the Pentagon was lying to them about many facts. The 9-11 commission report itself does not have all the facts correct, nor complete. Those two things in themselves are fact.

This country was founded and is still guided by the principles of questioning and keeping the government in check. It is our duty to do so. The Declaration itself requires us to keep vigilant against government. How do you do that but keep asking questions, writing FOIA requests, and keep on top of everything they do.

I personally keep an RSS ticker with government news, laws passed/signed, and current world news to stay current. I write a blog to keep things straight in my head. I also talk to people about the country, and where they think it is headed. I get involved the best I can with the resources I can muster. I recommend everyone doing the same thing.

A democratic republic is HARD work to keep alive. The worst thing that happened during 9-11 is this:

American Citizens After 9-11 said to the president "…what could we do. What can we do to become engaged and take some responsibility"? President Bush unfortunately said,

"Go Shopping, Go Back to the Mall, Go back to your normal lives, we'll take care of it".

Spectatorship is an invitation to fear. Citizenship is how we fight the politics of fear. The politics of citizenship, the politics of engagement, taking responsibility is a much better way to deal with terrorism -- than hunkering down and being spectators and allowing the government to rob us of our liberties, to rob us of our multi-culturalism in the name of protecting us.

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